Suitsupply Creates The Worlds Lightest Suit

Dutch brand Suitsupply are most certainly a favourite of mine on The Gentleman Select. Consistently they have produced many stand out pieces over the years. Happily once again, I can say they have knocked it out the park by presenting the worlds lightest suit. A wonderful alternative to linen and indeed perhaps the perfect answer for that upcoming summer wedding you have on the cards.

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Dressing Up Denim With Andrew Brookes

Dressing Up Denim With Andrew Brookes

I’m certain most of you own or have owned a denim shirt in your life time. A fantastic, versatile item to have in the wardrobe, it goes with anything from chinos to denim jeans. Yes indeed the old “double denim” is something I’am an advocate of as long as they are not matching in the same colour. When it comes to popping on the shirt itself however, I would guess a good percentage of you have never worn one with a suit. With this in mind, last month I paid a visit to renowned tailor Andrew Brookes in Edinburgh to check out some shirt options and where I also found a denim shirt perfectly suited for any occasion.

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Sharp Tailoring From T.M. Lewin

Sharp Tailoring From T.M. Lewin

Established on London’s famous Jermyn Street in 1898, T.M.Lewin has been helping men dress to impress for over 100 years. Their fantastic e-commerce set-up and some 100 U.K stores, including new sites opening around the world in Europe, Singapore and Australia, offers up a wide and rich variety of high quality shirts, impeccably tailored suits and jackets, with dapper accessories to match. Here at The Gentleman Select I was lucky enough to link-up with this tailoring titan to explore some of their key, new season pieces. Items that are perfect for everyday use, perhaps a special occasion or if you are dressing to impress. T.M.Lewin certainly has it all.

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A Visit To Andrew Brookes Tailoring

A Visit To Andrew Brookes Tailoring

As I have talked about many times before on The Gentleman Select, tailoring is something I have an obsession with to put it mildly. A form of clothing that dominates my wardrobe, I ‘am always looking for new and exciting cuts and styles to add to an ever-growing collection. With this in mind, you can imagine the complete joy that consumed me when the opportunity came along to meet up with re-knowned Scottish tailor Andrew Brookes, to discuss all things fashion and style, whilst putting together a stunning three piece suit which would knock it out the park at any occasion. During my visit we also explored deeply into how I could wear this suit smart and formal, before splitting it up for a more casual, laid-back look, really re-inforcing both the versatility and importance of having a well cut suit in your wardrobe arsenal, along with the style choices men are making in the modern age.

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Ready For The Races With Walker Slater

Ready For The Races With Walker Slater

This month I attended my first ever horse racing event at the exhilarating and historic Musselburgh Racecourse, home of the newly titled Edinburgh Gin Scottish Sprint Cup. To get myself properly prepared and looking sharp for the big day, I was lucky enough to have the assistance of Walker Slater, a brand rich in heritage with styles and outfits in abundance. My choice was a representation of just how fantastic their outfits are and very much fitting for The Gentleman Select.

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Spring Suiting With boohooMAN

Tailoring is a craft which I have always admired and been interested in. Finding a suit or blazer which is just that little bit different, is perhaps fantastic value or just really adds a fresh new look to your wardrobe, will always have me searching.

This spring, the folks over at boohooMAN have given us a delightful array of suits which is sure to tick all of the above and more.

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The Spectre White Tuxedo from Tom Ford at Mr Porter

Pandemonium is about to ensue with the premiere and nationwide release of the latest James Bond instalment Spectre. We also fully expect it to be an action packed rollercoaster of guns, women, seriously cool cars and suave styling. What the masses may have noticed in the film snippets on TV and billboard advertisements that is slightly different, is Daniel Craig sporting a stunning crisp white tuxedo jacket. Yes not since A View to a Kill in 1985 with Roger Moore did we see a white tuxedo jacket come out of Mr Bond’s wardrobe, with its first appearance seen in Goldfinger in 1964 where Sean Connery emerges from the ocean in his wet suit, proceeding to strip off revealing an impeccable evening spread consisting of a single breasted ivory jacket paired with a tone on tone striped dinner shirt and bow tie. Splendid indeed.


In more current Bond times, specifically Daniel Craig’s series, we have seen our favourite spy kitted out by a personal favourite of The Gentleman Select. Mr Tom Ford. We can’t think of a better fashion icon and Bond collaboration to re-introduce this tricky outfit and steer it away from that Saturday Night Fever label attached to it. More exciting is said tuxedo jacket is now available to buy courtesy of Mr Porter. The online retail site counts Tom Ford as one of its newest members, one which has cemented itself as a true heavy hitter amongst the sites top brands already.


“007 epitomises the Tom Ford man in his elegance, style and love of luxury” says the designer. The ivory colour jacket consists of perfectly integrated shoulder pads with some truly delectable detailing in the faille peak lapels and smooth satin lining within, all completed in a tailored slim fit. You can try your best to emulate Bond with this stunning piece available at £2,530 from


#Brewspoke with Menabrea Italian Beer to Win an Exclusive Tailoring Experience

As we all know Italy is famous for many great exports from a variant of industry sectors, however this week we focus on two of arguably the greatest, thirst quenching beer and immaculate tailoring. What’s even better is this week running from the 19th-23rd of October a unique collaboration of both will be right on our doorstep in London.

Being up-standing gentleman we all know to well that finding the perfectly fitted suit can be a daunting experience, however fear not as multi-award winning Italian beer Menabrea is on a quest to change that with its wonderful new #Brewspoke service. Working in partnership with premium tailors, Menabrea will help those in need of a little sartorial salvation, ensuring they have a suit which will fit immaculately.

All photography by Daniel Lewis

Menabrea is a cornerstone of Italy, produced on the same site, by the same family, for over 150 years. A classic beer which has stood the test of time, reflects in the same way a perfectly fitting suit should do. Put simply a tailored suit, by someone who really knows their craft, has, and will always be, a wardrobe essential.

The collaboration will launch in London’s Henry Herbert Tailors on the 19th of October, in which the service allows users to have their store bought suits professionally fitted, free of charge. To win a fitting, simply tweet using @Menabrea and #Brewspoke in which two people will be chosen each day for a custom fitting. Next they simply need to agree a time, bring with them their chosen suit to the shop and enjoy an ice cold Menabrea whilst Henry Herbert do the rest. Further still winners will be given helpful tips on what to look for when buying a suit to make sure they’re looking sharp every time, leaving in the comfort that when they pick up their suit again it’ll fit perfectly.

All photography by Daniel Lewis

Alasdair Bayne, Menabrea Marketing Manager said: “Menabrea is a brand that’s synonymous with quality and craftsmanship and Italians are known for their flawless style, so we created #Brewspoke to celebrate this. Menabrea has been brewed the same way for generations-classic style never changes and it’s the same for a good suit. We’ve partnered with one of London’s top tailors and we’re sure the service will be gratefully received by a lot of people. There’s something pretty special about a sophisticated, perfectly fitting suit and that’s exactly what people who use #Brewspoke are going to get”.

What makes the collaboration even cooler still is that if you don’t have time to pop into the shop, this tailor made service will come to you via the #Brewspoke scooter, it will be out and about in London making office calls for anyone in need of help pinning down their perfect fit.

All photography by Daniel Lewis

As if this wasn’t enough, there will also be a Twitter competition to win a bespoke Italian suit worth £2,000 for one lucky person. To be in with a chance of winning head over to the Menabrea Twitter page and answer the #Brewspoke fashion questions in the coming weeks.

Charlie Baker-Collingwood, Henry Herbert Managing Director said: “Offering a completely bespoke tailoring service means we are very much focused on quality, service and craftsmanship, so in that sense ours and Menabrea’s ideals are very much aligned. We’ve never been approached to offer a service quite like this in the past so we’re excited to partner with Menabrea to help deliver #Brewspoke. We stock a number of fine Italian fabrics for our suits and shirts and can’t wait to get started on a suit for the lucky prize winner.”

All photography by Daniel Lewis

Remember gents, to book yourself in for a fitting tweet @MenabreaUK using #Brewspoke and, subject to availability, the perfect fit won’t be far away.


With the up-coming film reboot of cult TV series The Man From U.N.C.L.E on August 14th, we for one are extremely excited for two reasons. One, said reboot is directed by none other than Guy Ritchie who always delivers a slick, smart film which we are sure will be true to its roots. Secondly and most importantly having an eye for detail, we can’t help but notice the wonderful and sophisticated style evident throughout. At gentlemanly outfitters Hawes and Curtis, they have partnered with The Man from U.N.C.L.E. to create a capsule collection which captures that 1960’s essence, and is sure to bring out your inner spy in quintessentially British fashion.

The collection sees Hawes and Curtis execute classically tailored suits in the finest Italian wool through their 1913 collection. The crisp white Jermyn style shirts, as seen below, are made from 140’s cotton for that soft, elite feel, whilst implementing some beautiful detail in the mother of pearl buttons. We also love how the ties are the same design as the ones in the movie, and paired with some sartorial flourishes in tie-bars, a pocket square and cufflinks, harks back to the day when making an effort to dress was important everyday of the week.


The full collection sees a total of eight suits available to choose from, including the three piece Prince of Wales check as seen above, and the Royal Navy two piece as below. Jackets will feature a slim fit cut with classic notched lapels and two buttons. To add freedom of movement, the jacket also features elegant double vents, perfect if you need to apply some evasive action. For me the trousers are equally as great, slim to the leg, with a classic button fastening, however most importantly, unfinished at the bottom allowing you to get the trousers tailored to the perfect length you require.


Hawes and Curtis has also included a more casual look in the collection, the weekend outfit if you like. Similar to that of Armie Hammer in the film itself and image below (right), this look incorporates a soft turtle-neck sweater, leather jacket, cap and leather weekend bag. Its an ideal all round outfit for gentlemanly pursuits, having a little jaunt around town, then straight out for dinner and drinks. This is possible through the smart, black silhouettes. There is no risk of you looking like the Milk Tray man either,detailing on the jacket chest zip pocket and hat provide just enough subtle touches to steer you in the right direction.


Owner of Hawes and Curtis Touker Suleyman, known for his current seat on BBC’s Dragons Den, said”partnering with Warner Bros was something natural for both brands: a marriage of style and sophistication”.  He went on to add “As soon as we saw the trailer for the film we knew it had bags of style, All of the characters are impeccably dressed and we were excited to recreate the looks and even produce a collection inspired by the film’s atmosphere. This partnership is another step of communicating our brand’s evolution into the British lifestyle territory.”

Personally we feel its a fabulous tribute to a legendary television series and now film which will no doubt get the audience tapping away to that theme tune in cinemas. The line is now available at whilst also being available to buy in the brands flagship stores of Regent Street, Bond Street, Jermyn Street and Milton Keynes.

10 Gentlemanly Do’s and Dont’s

Here at The Gentleman Select we take great pride in a well put together outfit which avoids those nasty fashion faux pas and pit falls. Follow our top tips to achieve stylish glory and set yourself apart from the crowd.

1. When wearing a tie bar it should be between the third and fourth button. It looks silly and pointless if its round your neck or hanging off the bottom of your tie. The idea is to keep both blades snug to your shirt.

2. If there’s no tie bar, do take a risk and wear it both tie blades loose in true Italian fashion. It will channel your inner Lapo Elkann like you are a true industrialist.

3. Don’t wear square toe dress shoes, unless you want to look like a Boyz to Men reject. Again keep it simple, a nice black or brown round toe should suffice, with lots of lovely brogues out there this season also. Just be different but not clown different.

4. Don’t worry too much about matching your pocket square, live a little and mix it up even if it has little hints of shirt or tie colour. Youll look more inventive than those sheep on the daily grind. Remember: a pocket square is not there to match, but to compliment.

5. Do have half an inch of cuff showing below your jacket. Take the time to get the jacket or shirt altered to show this. It will save you looking like you’ve shrunk your shirt in the wash or borrowed your dads.

6. Embrace and learn the art of tying a bowtie. Not only will it provide you with a stylish sense of accomplishment but it will also look far better towards the end of the evening showing off your effortless class. It will also save you carrying two of them around all night.

7. Jeans. Something we wear constantly so search for a pair or pairs which really fit well, casual and pairs you can dress up, get them altered if need be so you get the maximum benefit from them. As Tom Ford would say “The most important thing in finding the right jean is the fit”.

8. If you have a bracelet watch do get it fitted properly. Just a little movement is all you need so it isn’t cutting off the circulation or stretching the bracelet. And please don’t wear it face down unless you want to put wear and tear to the ultimate test. You bought it to look at the time, not the clasp.

9. Do get some simple, plain crew neck t-shirts, perhaps white and grey to pair with a nice leather jacket or those nicely fitting jeans. They will give off a timeless, cool 60s look.

10. With the summer coming up, try on a variety and invest in a pair of sunglasses that really compliment your face. Take into consideration your jaw line, how sharp or soft your features are and work accordingly to cap off your look.

Key Points: Invest the time to pick, learn and think a little bit differently.