Bearr Necessities With Siabann

This week I decided to check out some men’s grooming products which are based very close to home for me, that of the Bearr Man Scottish skincare range from Siabann.

Siabann is a delightful little company based in Scotland which was born in the scenic Ochill Hills and is the newest creation by Fiona Ritchie who previously gave us the wonderful Ochill Soap Company, some of the most amazing hand-made Scottish soaps you will find. Bearr Man, Bearr meaning “shave” in Gaelic, will be Fiona and Siabann’s first step into mens grooming products in which I must say, it is certainly a good one.

The products first off have a wonderful fresh, spa smell thanks to a blend of essential oils which deliver an invigorating, clean feeling after use. My stand out product has to be the Bearr man shave soap. I was really looking forward to trying this one given the previous history of the Ochill Soap Company and it really did not disappoint. Packed full of goodness with thistle oil and shea butter which lathers up nicely, it makes the shaving process smooth and soothing. I also loved how the soap contains elements of charcoal, something very on trend, which helps draw out any impurities you may have lying deep within your skin.

At this point I next wanted to cool and calm my skin, so I reached for the Bearr Man Soothe, a lovely moisturiser containing aloe vera and thistle oil, this oil is a core ingredient of the line which injects a little bit of Scotland into every product. It quickly calmed my skin leaving it refreshed and also smelling great and ready for the day ahead.

If I’m honest there is only one way to approach Bearr man and it is go full pelt and buy their fantastic gift box, available on the website here. By doing so it enables you to experience all the amazing products one after the other. It really does bring a touch of heaven to your washing and shaving regime and as the brand itself says, soothes “even the most sensitive skin and grizzly Bearr man”.