Elegance & Comfort in The Principal Hotel George St

Comfort & Elegance in The Principal Hotel George St

There is nothing better than staying in a hotel which is packed full to the brim with style and character. Since 1881 the building which has now become The Principal Hotel on George St, Edinburgh, has been welcoming guests into its delightful surroundings. It is made up of five listed Georgian townhouses in what is a truly stunning location in the capital’s city centre. Fast forward from those wealthy citizens who entered many years ago and I recently found myself lucky enough to be a guest at the hotel, spending an overnight where I experienced its charm and elegant ambiance to the full.

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The Luxury Of Cornerford Watches

If there is one thing here at The Gentleman Select I simply can’t get enough of its watches. They literally have a magpie effect on me, shiny little trinkets with coloured dials that you can accessories to the max. The trouble for me is in this day and age, a lot of them now seem to be very ostentatious, very bling and just tacky. This is then why Cornerford watches is the perfect gentlemanly wrist watch you need to get in order to really up your wrist game.

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The Stunning MIKOL Marble iPhone Case

The market for phone accessories nowadays seems to be awash with flimsy plastic and mass produced designs which you see on the iPhone of every second person walking the street. Step up then sharp San Francisco based brand MIKOL and their stunning iPhone and fashion accessories handcrafted with genuine marble in which this week, I was lucky enough to sample and test one of these truly unique products.


The first thing which stood out to me when I took out the iPhone case, given we all know marble is seriously heavy, was actually how lightweight the case was and also how robust it felt, especially with marble also being a fragile material. This lightweight is achieved by MIKOL taking ultra thin cuts of marble, 0.7mm to be precise (thinner than a stick of chewing gum), and beautifully setting it into the case back. The contrast of black and white oozes luxury and I adore the fact each stunning phone case is crafted from 100% natural marble resulting in no two phone cases being the same, yes when you buy one yours would be the only one like it in the world!


Personally I felt the packaging was brilliant to, with the neat little polish cloth and small certificate of authenticy really complimenting that high end aura the iPhone case carries itself. MIKOL also give you an option to personalise the case with engraving, again making it a very individual product. What I also love about this brand is they have a whole host of marble based products, notebooks, Macbook covers and even the worlds first and only marble business cards, which for me, is craftsmanship and design at its finest.

Wether you are looking to start your christmas shopping with a sleek little gift or just want to stand out from the crowd, I really suggest you head over to the MIKOL website and order one of their truly special little products.

Travelteq’s Black Collection Is Affordable Luxury

Today when we search for a durable travel bag or gentlemans case and we want one that is going last, it is usually more often than not going to cost us a top end price. Enter then the newest brand to deliver a top product through a direct to consumer business model. Travelteq. Luxury luggage which cuts out the middle man, Travelteq offers beautifully constructed, high quality baggage, at a fraction of the competition costs.

The pieces are crafted using veg-tanned Tuscan leather and water-proof, rubber-coated nylon from northern Italy, with the briefcase, weekender and messenger bag all containing an array of sections, perfect for the business traveler with laptop and phone space, to the chap who is just traveling on holiday with more than adequate room in the main compartment. The “Black” collection in question is simply decked out in all black and has a starting price of around £220 going upwards for your larger travel companion.




The Panerai Special Edition PAM849 Sealand

Panerai have unveiled the latest addition to their ever growing catalogue of small-batch special edition watches: the PAM849 Sealand. The PAM849 is a 44mm Luminor 1950 in brushed stainless steel with a beautifully hand-engraved dust cover depicting Arabian horses riding through the desert. This special edition is limited to a run of 60 pieces and will only be available in Panerai Boutiques in the Doha Villaggio Mall in Qatar, and at Al Tahlia in Riyadh and Jameel Square in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The watch itself is powered by an in-house P9000 self-winding movement with 3 day power reserve and features a date window at 3 o’clock and small seconds register at 9 o’clock. The underside of the hinged dust cover is polished to a mirror shine and compliments the soft tone of the dial perfectly. Although not the first we’ve seen of its kind, it’s definitely a special addition to the Panerai portfolio and, indeed, to any fan’s collection. Retailing at AED 85,000 (approx. £15,500) its a little more expensive than your average Luminor, but worth every penny for a chance to sport such a work of art on your wrist! Panerai-Pam849-Qatar-KSA-Front-Open Panerai-Pam849-Qatar-KSA-Back

The Palmer Johnson X Bugatti Yacht

Anyone who hasn’t been living in a box for the last few years will know that motoring legends Bugatti have conquered the road in spectacular, unrivalled fashion. Now however, with the help of luxury yacht maker Palmer Johnson, the Bugatti name will be taking to the high seas in an elite carbon fibre made sports yacht collection called the “Niniette”. The main design input will come from Bugatti themselves with three particular designs available from 44 to 88 feet in length. From what Bugatti have said, the 63ft version will be the diamond in the collection, featuring a 700 square foot salon on deck and a 478 square foot deck below with fully customisable interior for its owner, comfortable enough to house four guests plus a crew when you need to make that little trip down the Cote d’Azur.

The starting model, if you can call it that, will be the 44 ft length priced at £1.3 million with the pinnacle, above mentioned 63ft version coming in at £2.3 million with a year set aside as the timescale for building each order. Learn more about this amazing collaboration here.




‘The Gallery’ by Döttling

The latest creation to come from extraordinary German safe manufacturer, Döttling, allows you to admire the goods in your safe without having to compromise their security.

‘The Gallery’ is akin to their Bel-Air range with calfskin sides detailed with high-gloss nickel fittings, but with the addition of a 30mm thick armoured glass window in the door to allow you a quick look at what’s inside without having to shift a heavy safe door. The best part being that the window can be changed from transparent to opaque at the touch of button, for added discretion.

The interior is lined with the finest Alcantara leather and features 24 watch winders protected by a Döttling fingerprint security lock with the option of adding Touch & Move technology. There are also four drawers with black-stained Japanese Tamo Ash veneers, an extendable table, four secret compartments, and seventeen infinitely dimmable LED spotlights which impressively stage the treasures inside.

The Gallery by Döttling celebrates its world premier today at the grand opening of the prestigious De Gallery, Miami.




Beacon: Uber For The Frequent Flyer

Aviation start up, Beacon, has taken the success of the Uber business model and applied it to the skies. For $1750 per month, you can fly as much as you like on private aircraft and book 2 flights at a time along the USA’s East Coast.

Fly Beacon


Beacon Plane 1

Like Uber, the service is centred around an easy to use mobile app, through which the customer can book flights, check availability, and make payment at the touch of a button all up to 15 minutes before take-off. At the moment, there are only domestic flights available along the East Coast which means that Beacon can clear passengers from the No Fly List prior to their flight.

At the moment, destinations are limited , so for the businessman set to be at a meeting in New York from Boston on short notice, it’s the ultimate way to travel.  However, CEO Wade Eyerly, has also mentioned plans to expand to Washington, Europe, and even China so watch this space – travelling in style may be easier than you think.


More at flybeacon.com

Globe-Trotter x Chivas Regal: ‘Made for Gentlemen’

Chivas Regal x Globe-Trotter

Iconic English luggage manufacturer, Globe-Trotter, and legendary blended Scotch Whisky, Chivas Regal, have teamed up in a collaborative endeavour resulting in the production of a limited edition series of collectables for the avid traveller and whisky connoisseur. The Chivas 12 ‘Made for Gentlemen’ by Globe-Trotter consists of a limited edition 20″ Carry-On Case and Steamer Trunk each in burgundy vulcanised fibreboard.

The carry-on case also features wooden handles, brass hardware, and is designed to stow neatly into the flight cabin of all major airlines and is also adorned with a leather commemorative plaque on the inside. The Steamer Trunk, however, is far more elaborate. It has drawers lined with American Oak to honour the oak casks used to create Chivas 12 year old, leather covered hangers for your suits, a drawer to hold up to eight watches, and of course a mini bar with mirrored back where you can serve your Chivas Regal! Top it all off with a hand engraved cooper plaque made from a retired whisky still, and you have yourself the most collectable luggage money can buy.


The Carry-On Case and Steamer Trunk are priced at £950 and £12,000 respectively, and all the proceeds from this awesome collection will be donated to charity.