Dressing Up Denim With Andrew Brookes

Dressing Up Denim With Andrew Brookes

I’m certain most of you own or have owned a denim shirt in your life time. A fantastic, versatile item to have in the wardrobe, it goes with anything from chinos to denim jeans. Yes indeed the old “double denim” is something I’am an advocate of as long as they are not matching in the same colour. When it comes to popping on the shirt itself however, I would guess a good percentage of you have never worn one with a suit. With this in mind, last month I paid a visit to renowned tailor Andrew Brookes in Edinburgh to check out some shirt options and where I also found a denim shirt perfectly suited for any occasion.

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A Visit To Andrew Brookes Tailoring

A Visit To Andrew Brookes Tailoring

As I have talked about many times before on The Gentleman Select, tailoring is something I have an obsession with to put it mildly. A form of clothing that dominates my wardrobe, I ‘am always looking for new and exciting cuts and styles to add to an ever-growing collection. With this in mind, you can imagine the complete joy that consumed me when the opportunity came along to meet up with re-knowned Scottish tailor Andrew Brookes, to discuss all things fashion and style, whilst putting together a stunning three piece suit which would knock it out the park at any occasion. During my visit we also explored deeply into how I could wear this suit smart and formal, before splitting it up for a more casual, laid-back look, really re-inforcing both the versatility and importance of having a well cut suit in your wardrobe arsenal, along with the style choices men are making in the modern age.

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I Try Out endoSPHÈRES Therapy

For me its always a pleasure taking a little trip down to London, a place packed full of style, exciting new developments and concepts. Whilst there I was lucky enough to experience one such concept that is growing rapidly in popularity throughout the big city and Europe, this is of course endoSPHÈRES therapy. At Nyumba, number one Sloane Square, I caught up with Pietro Simone to see and try out the treatment for myself.

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Selected: Xarifa Swim Shorts

Currently in the mens swimwear world, there are many brands doing their own take on the tailored finish, incorporating the side adjusters you tend to get on a bespoke pair of trousers. Now don’t get me wrong, I love this detail and finish, possessing quite a few like it myself, however when I became aware of Xarifa and their sea rope incorporating draw string shorts, I was instantly captivated by the exciting nautical details this brand had to offer.

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Party At Sea In Ultimate Style With The Evo 43 Yacht

As fresh as the high seas, Evo Yachts born only last year in Italy, has just released and added its achingly beautiful and super cool EVO 43 model to its fleet. The company which places itself as “traditional style with innovative technologies and cutting-edge design” has quite simply out done itself this time with a feature which would fit in well in a transformers movie. With the touch of a button, the boat alters shape, growing “the usable space by 40% to create 25 square metre pied dans l’eau terrace that can be used as a lounge, sitting room, sun deck with built in chairs, or diving platform”. Of course with features like that, the yacht is ideal for various events or impressing that top end investor or client you have bobbing about in the sea with you. Simply show them the extended dining table, a wet-bar and 180 litre ice box all nicely hidden under the captains seat and they are sure to be impressed.


Evo43 1

Evo 43 2

If you go below deck on this beauty, you will find total luxurious quality on a monumental level. Sumptuous leather, glass and teak with impeccably finished wood with the cherry on top being a 42 inch Bang & Olufsen TV. If you have picked your jaw up from looking at the pictures attached, then head over to Evo Yachts and place your order if you are feeling very flush indeed.

Fangio’s Ferrari 290MM comes to auction

In an ever evolving modern world of technology its nice sometimes to be reminded of mans past endeavours. There’s also few better in a motoring sense, uttered on the same line, as Juan Manuel Fangio, and Ferrari. Fangio was a master on the circuit, winning a wealth of grand prix and sports car races in a variety of great cars, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and of course Ferrari. What we see here then is the exact car Enzo Ferrari built for Fangio to ply his trade in and even better, its going up for auction where it is expected to fetch a monumental $28 million.


This car specifically is a 1956 Ferrari 290MM, chassis number 0626, which was constructed for Fangio to compete in the Mille Miglia. In his last competitive run in 1000 mile race through Italy before it was stopped the following year, Juan Manuel Fangio would finish 4th, however the journey of this legendary Ferrari 290mm would not finish there. It would go on to race at the Nurnburgring under Phil Hill, with Alfonso de Portago at the Rouen Grand Prix and saw Wolfgang von Trips win the Buenos Aires 1000km in 1957 at the start of his career. Subsequently performances like this from the 290MM helped Ferrari win the manufacturers title in 1956 and 1957.


What makes this car even more special is it was only 1 of 4 ever built, and even better that chassis 0626 went all that time with not an accident to its name. A flawless record of service. Since then it has spent its time, with is brutally beautiful 3.5l v12 engine, bubble wrapped in the hands of many a collector. It has spent 34 years in the Mas du Clos Collection of Pierre Bardinon before its current owner opting to place it up for auction on December 10th at RM Sothebys “Drive by Disruption” in New York. Should the car reach or exceed its $28 million estimate, it will become the most valuable car ever sold by the auction house, surpassing the previous record set by a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 NART Spider which sold in 2013 for $27.5 million.


If you are in the New York area on the date do check it out, there is some equally unique examples of automotive perfection to see along with this Ferrari, cars such as 1962 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato with a $16 million estimate and a $3 million Lamborghini concept S. Just be sure to take your check book.

#Brewspoke with Menabrea Italian Beer to Win an Exclusive Tailoring Experience

As we all know Italy is famous for many great exports from a variant of industry sectors, however this week we focus on two of arguably the greatest, thirst quenching beer and immaculate tailoring. What’s even better is this week running from the 19th-23rd of October a unique collaboration of both will be right on our doorstep in London.

Being up-standing gentleman we all know to well that finding the perfectly fitted suit can be a daunting experience, however fear not as multi-award winning Italian beer Menabrea is on a quest to change that with its wonderful new #Brewspoke service. Working in partnership with premium tailors, Menabrea will help those in need of a little sartorial salvation, ensuring they have a suit which will fit immaculately.

All photography by Daniel Lewis

Menabrea is a cornerstone of Italy, produced on the same site, by the same family, for over 150 years. A classic beer which has stood the test of time, reflects in the same way a perfectly fitting suit should do. Put simply a tailored suit, by someone who really knows their craft, has, and will always be, a wardrobe essential.

The collaboration will launch in London’s Henry Herbert Tailors on the 19th of October, in which the service allows users to have their store bought suits professionally fitted, free of charge. To win a fitting, simply tweet using @Menabrea and #Brewspoke in which two people will be chosen each day for a custom fitting. Next they simply need to agree a time, bring with them their chosen suit to the shop and enjoy an ice cold Menabrea whilst Henry Herbert do the rest. Further still winners will be given helpful tips on what to look for when buying a suit to make sure they’re looking sharp every time, leaving in the comfort that when they pick up their suit again it’ll fit perfectly.

All photography by Daniel Lewis

Alasdair Bayne, Menabrea Marketing Manager said: “Menabrea is a brand that’s synonymous with quality and craftsmanship and Italians are known for their flawless style, so we created #Brewspoke to celebrate this. Menabrea has been brewed the same way for generations-classic style never changes and it’s the same for a good suit. We’ve partnered with one of London’s top tailors and we’re sure the service will be gratefully received by a lot of people. There’s something pretty special about a sophisticated, perfectly fitting suit and that’s exactly what people who use #Brewspoke are going to get”.

What makes the collaboration even cooler still is that if you don’t have time to pop into the shop, this tailor made service will come to you via the #Brewspoke scooter, it will be out and about in London making office calls for anyone in need of help pinning down their perfect fit.

All photography by Daniel Lewis

As if this wasn’t enough, there will also be a Twitter competition to win a bespoke Italian suit worth £2,000 for one lucky person. To be in with a chance of winning head over to the Menabrea Twitter page and answer the #Brewspoke fashion questions in the coming weeks.

Charlie Baker-Collingwood, Henry Herbert Managing Director said: “Offering a completely bespoke tailoring service means we are very much focused on quality, service and craftsmanship, so in that sense ours and Menabrea’s ideals are very much aligned. We’ve never been approached to offer a service quite like this in the past so we’re excited to partner with Menabrea to help deliver #Brewspoke. We stock a number of fine Italian fabrics for our suits and shirts and can’t wait to get started on a suit for the lucky prize winner.”

All photography by Daniel Lewis

Remember gents, to book yourself in for a fitting tweet @MenabreaUK using #Brewspoke and, subject to availability, the perfect fit won’t be far away.

Doettling: The Best Safe’s In The World

When we think of a safe, immediately a giant lead box, or the small digital one you find in your hotel room on holiday springs to mind. Never something we would consider a work of art anyway. That is because many of us are completely unaware of one particular German safe maker called Doettling. Put simply these safes are a mechanical palatial masterpiece, the pinnacle of metal craftsmanship.

Founded in 1919 in southern Germany, a region famed for mechanical ingenuity in its own right with names such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Bosch still based around the area today, these German landmark companies Doettling say act as both their inspiration and motivation. Currently the company is in its fourth generation in which they continue to build and restore safes with elaborate craftsmanship and passion like nothing you have ever seen.


We will throw you straight in with a safe quite literally fit for a king. Built in 1872 by the Morosini brothers in Milan, it was said to be commissioned by Victor Emmanuel II who ruled in Italy from 1861 to 1878. The royal origins of the safe are visable through the ornate brass fittings on both inner doors of the safe, culminating with the royal coat of arms of the House of Savoy, including crown, at the top. What is more fascinating was the safes functionality with its heavy bolt mechanism, despite being exceptionally opulent and highly decorative in its design. It was functional in the sense as well that according to decendants of witnesses at the time, it was used by the king to store love letters and memorabilia from his mistress and soon to be second wife Rosa Vercellana. Looking closer at the safe there is a nod by the Morosini brothers towards this amourous relationship with some beautiful detail on the inner doors, an engraved rose surrounded by a heart shaped crest which opens upwards, smartly linking then to the lady herself with Rosa meaning Rose in Italian.


To date how the safe found its way to southern Germany, were it was rescued by Doettling following a house demolition, remains a mystery. What can be said is that they have done the most beautiful job in fully restoring it to its radiant royal form which in actual fact, is ready to grace the home of a discerning connoisseur should you wish to purchase it.


Doettling not only restore safes back to their original form, they also create their own metal masterpieces. The latest creation from the house of Doettling is called “The Chest”. This stunning example is part of Doettling’s “Miniature Vaults” collection which deliver on style and performance as much as their restoration projects do. This particular safe was inspired by the Italian and French Tresor masterpieces of the late 18th century and although vintage in appearance, is as modern as you like with a fully functional boltwork and double safe lock. The finish on “The Chest” is truly beautiful using only the finest materials, nubuck calfskin which has been braided and patinated before finishing with large panhead nails to produce an almost pirate-esq, aged appearance.


Within the safe it is very tech savvy indeed. From the two options available you will find either four precision watch winders within “The Chest-8” or five within the two door “The Chest-15” complete with cushions to keep the watches secure on. Personally my favourite part is the optional GPS tracking device that allows pin point positioning should the safe be stolen, that is of course if said thieves can lift it, and are not deterred by the deafening alarm systems which sounds should “The Chest” be maliciously removed.


For me what is so refreshing about Doettling, even in this modern era of daily advancing technology, is that the company still works very traditionally by hand through their passionate restorers, locksmiths, goldsmiths, painters and upholsters who meet individual customer requests in a unique, tailor made way. Doettling are a company which represents a symbiosis of absolute technical perfection and consistent, timeless, elegant design. We have only just grazed the surface of what you can expect from the German maestros so I suggest you hurry over to the website to get a full look at their marvellous creations both past and present.