Banksy Returns With Steve Jobs Syrian Artwork

Nothing says more of a political message than a piece of art, and even more so when it comes from someone very high profile in that world. Banksy. The elusive artist has delivered his next piece which is very current affairs, both in location and content. Daubed on the wall of the Calais refugee camp, the piece of graffiti art features none other than one Steve Jobs, the son of a Syrian refugee, and is aimed at highlighting the current Syrian crisis we see across the world, in spectacular fashion. Following the release, on the artists website Banksy has named the piece “the son of a migrant from Syria”. In the scene Steve Jobs can be seen carrying an original Apple Mac computer along with what appears to be a sack of his life possessions. Check out the brilliant artwork below.



The Real Monopoly Man

In an era of daily banking shenanigans, who better to exploit this mess than the work of one Alec Monopoly.

My love of Alec’s work has been growing for a while now and has never been more relevant than in our current banking climate. His main muse, the “Top Hatted” rich uncle pennybags of the Monopoly game, with appearances from Scrooge McDuck and Patrick Bateman, really pokes fun at the banking misguidance of today.

Named as one of the most searched artists of 2014 by this graffiti artist’s work in vibrant colours is sure to grow further this year with an array of celebrity followers in tow.

Key piece: Christian Bale as “Patrick Bateman” with his blood soaked face. Check him out at: