Healthy Travelling With Pullman Hotels

Healthy Traveling With Pullman Hotels

As a frequent traveller here at The Gentleman Select I know all to well the difficulty in trying to eat and exercise properly whilst always being on the move. It can be so easy to simply grab some fast food and bypass the gym area because you are tired and want to rest up however continuing with those choices can be a slippy road to go down and even harder to come back up. Thankfully one particular brand, Pullman Hotels, is driving forward Wellness Tourism with a passion, aiming to get visitors making healthy choices when they travel. Recently I paid a visit to their stunning site at Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport for an exciting two days of healthy living, exploring their invigorating anti jet lag programme and spending time in the company of its creator and Pullman brand ambassador, Sarah Hoey.

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Louis Vuitton Launches Its Travel Guides on IOS

Since 1998, Louis Vuitton has brought its colourful, vibrant and informative travel guides to the opulent, globetrotting people of the world. Coming into the modern era however, the need to carry about a book of travel tips when technology can be contained in one device, seems very much a dated procedure.


With 2016 rapidly approaching, it is lovely to say the iconic French brand has now begun adapting its range of guides for the IPhone generation with the introduction of its first ever City Guide Mobile App. The app will be available for 25 cities in the 2016 collection, with 4 new entries appearing in Prague, Rome, Bangkok and Chicago in addition to updated entries for Paris, London, Tokyo and New York. To celebrate this modern leap, there will be limited edition box sets along with monogram IPhone 6 and 6+ cases available in 4 different colours. The Paris city guide will be available on iOS between November 5 and December 31, for free, wonderfully in time for the festive season.


In the months of warmer weather, its time for you to exude that masculinity and get your summer scent game on par. Here at The GS we have selected five fragrances which are fresh, captivating and are sure to give you a medley of Mediterranean and spruce of sunshine in your day.

Acqua Di Parma have brought to us so many countless scents and candles of a wonderful aroma it really is hard to pick a favourite. through many hours of sampling, we select Arancia di Capri. It has light notes of mandarin, orange and lemon with essentials oils which radiate warmth and really do take your nostrils on a journey down the Italian RivIera. We also like that if you buy through the website, you get a delightful little handcrafted cap to go on top. Very individual indeed.


Acqua Di Parma Arancia di Capri: £82.00

Being that we live in a country that is rather susceptible to a cold spell, even in the summer time, we felt this scent was a wealthy balance for that very situation. You have that musky hit of middle eastern Oud, smoky yet subtle and not to dark, perfect when the weather changes, yet it is followed by zesty and refreshing bergamot with punchy orange filtering through as well. It really is a great all round scent. We also like the online purchase option of getting the bottle you order personally engraved with your initials.


Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot: £105.00

Our next selection is by no means cheap, but by god does it caress the senses. Billed as “the most popular fragrance ever created by the House of Creed” hat is certainly no lie. You will find beautiful notes of pineapple, apple, bergamot and blackcurrant. Sitting in the middle you have birch, jasmine and patchouli which then at the base you find oakmoss, ambergris and vanilla to top it off. My favourite aspect of the scent is how it lasts, it literally clings to skin and clothing alike, even after a shower you can still smell it, a true nod to how well its made, and why it costs what it does.


Creed Aventus: £200

Whilst the limited edition scent of Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Swimming in Lipari will not make you look like David Gandy emerging from the sea in white swimming trunks, what it will give you is one of the freshest aromas available currently. You can expect notes of sea salt balanced out by grapefruit, with an injection of both mandarin, rosemary and musky based notes to truly deliver a cool summer breeze in a bottle.


Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Swimming in Lipari: £50

As we are all aware Bottega Veneta are masters of craftsmanship with their leather goods, however what they also deliver are some truly terrific scents. Our selection here is the brands signature cologne however with a bigger, “extreme” clout. Much like Creed Aventus it has a longer lasting aura, you will find intense leather notes along with labdanum and pimento. Its a delicious fragrance to wear on a lovely evening dinner that will leave a lasting aroma long into the night.


Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Extreme: £52


Thankfully summer is definitely upon us and with some record temperatures up and down the country, the great British public are descending outdoors to take advantage of the weather while it lasts. Now wether you are enjoying a few drinks with friends in a beer garden, or in your very own garden at home, let us point you in the direction of a delicious little French addition which will give you some exceptional variants of classic cocktails to try.

For those who don’t know, Teisseire has been creating sirups and fruit juices since 1720, well capable of producing a tasty drink I’m sure you’l agree. Here we have selected three of our favourite cocktails we tried and tested in which we suggest that you follow suit, get on the band wagon, and try them yourself this summer!.

Firstly we start with the Gin Blush. 50ML Gin. 100ML Tonic. 15ML Teisseire pink grapefruit and 2 slices of fresh lime. Simply add your selected premium Gin, Teisseire Pink Grapefruit and tonic water to a rock glass, top with ice and garnish with your two slices of lime. What you have as a result is a wonderfully sharp, tart, refreshing drink which you can feel zapping at your cheeks curtesy of the sweet grapefruit undertones delivered by Teisseire.

Our next little charmer to excite your taste buds is the Sparkling Citron. 150ML Sparkling Water. 15ML of Teisseire Lemon. 3 Dashes of Angostura Bitters. 10ML of Lemon Juice. 2 Slices of Lemon. Here we took a highball glass, add your Teisseire Lemon followed by your Angostura Bitters and Lemon Juice into the mix. Top the glass up with your measure of sparkling water and garnish with your lemon slices and a few ice cubes. We loved this cocktail for its sharp zesty zing and found that even with abundance of bitter sources, the finished article was in no way over powering in which there was a lovely freshness to the Teisseire sirup itself, even when we just tried it with sparkling water.

Our last selection is the Fraise De Champagne. 130ML of Champagne. 15ML Teisseire Strawberry. Fresh Strawberry. Simply cut a fair sized strawberry into thin slices, skewer with a toothpick and set this to one side. Pour your measure of Teisseire into a Champagne glass, top up your glass with a selected Champagne and garnish with your skewered strawberry on the rim of the glass. For me this cocktail is wonderfully simplistic yet effective in delivering a punchy hit of fruit in which the Teisseire Strawberry compliments the Champagne so well. Think of the classic strawberry in a glass of fizz however on a larger scale, not to over bearing, dangerously addictive and one all your garden party visitors will love.

We highly recommend you head down to your local supermarket now and grab yourself a variety of Teisseire sirups to try ranging from £2.79 to £3.49.


The combination of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons (The Chemical Brothers), last delivered a studio album in 2010 with Further so we must agree that the forthcoming release of their latest album Born in the Echoes on July 17th is one to get excited about.

Most recently the track of “Go” featuring Q-Tip has been the first to caress our ears as a taster, growing in presence on the radio and on hearing it, seems like this could be an album well worth the wait. A song which was used for the introduction of Google’s I/O Keynote in 2015, is a distinct and fresh burst of hip house with the distinguishable voice of Q-Tip complementing that recognisable electronic vibe synonymous with The Chemical Brothers, including powerful synth hits throughout. For me its certainly one to take with you on a trip to the gym.

Whilst the song really has our heads moving, so the video is equally as catchy. Directed by frenchman Michel Gondry who has collaborated with The Chemical Brothers in the past, the film sees a procession of matching dressed dancers like a scene from Metropolis, wonderfully in sync to the backdrop of some Bauhaus-esq architecture in Paris 15th district. Personally I think it compliments the song fantastically however we will let you judge for yourself. Check out the guys live this sunday the 28th at Glastonbury and see the music video below.

“Go” is available to download from Itunes store now.

Cire Trudon: Josephine Boneparte

It’s not so often we refer to candles in a luxury sense, however we cannot by-pass the release of a new scent from Cire Trudon truely the Rolls Royce of candles.

In a brief history lesson Cire Trudon was candle provider to the royal court of Louis XIV from 1643 and subsequently all great churches in the country of France. Also one Napoleon Bonaparte liked them so they certainly carry an historically important fan base. This then leads me on to their newest wax creation, Joséphine, named after Joséphine Bonaparte herself.

This latest release by the house of Cire Trudon encapsulates the passion Josèphine Bonaparte had for botanicals through the wonderful notes of Iris, Kaffir Lime and Chinese Camellia, scents which Josèphine grew up around on the island of Martinque from 1763.

The Gentleman Select has already experienced Cire Trudon and the beauty of these candles through the Ernesto leather and tobacco, believe me there really isn’t a bad choice, however we are very excited at this new scent which will really drag our noses towards summer time. The pale blue glass has that cool breeze about it and works in harmony with the smells thus creating a lasting aroma which drifts around your home for those long lazy days.

You have packaging which finishes off the look with designs alluding to Pierre-Joseph Redouté, the botanical painter who Josèphine asked to capture those lovely flowers around her. We feel it is an ideal accompaniment for anybody looking to create a unique talking point at a house party or a fragrance to just bask in.

Finish your display off with a vintage glass dome over it for that true 1643 look in which Iam comfident it will not be your last purchase from candlemaker Cire Trudon.

Key Details: Cire Trudon Joséphine Candle. €70 available from Cire Trudon stores.