Dressing Up Denim With Andrew Brookes

Dressing Up Denim With Andrew Brookes

I’m certain most of you own or have owned a denim shirt in your life time. A fantastic, versatile item to have in the wardrobe, it goes with anything from chinos to denim jeans. Yes indeed the old “double denim” is something I’am an advocate of as long as they are not matching in the same colour. When it comes to popping on the shirt itself however, I would guess a good percentage of you have never worn one with a suit. With this in mind, last month I paid a visit to renowned tailor Andrew Brookes in Edinburgh to check out some shirt options and where I also found a denim shirt perfectly suited for any occasion.

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Selected: Centre Front Menswear

Selected: Centre Front Menswear

There are many menswear brands out there just now doing a lot of good things but not too many that carry behind them such knowledge, drive and passion for their craft as Centre Front Menswear. A brand founded in London by a team with decades of design and buying experience in the fashion world, their focus is to bring you clothing which is a mixture of the latest trends and contemporary styles, inspired by architecture and creative movements all of which look fantastic when you wear them.

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Topman Denim – A Fabric Of Life

Topman Denim A Fabric Of Life

Some items of clothing are timeless. A cornerstone of our wardrobe, providing us with carte blanche for which you can build upon and deliver a killer new look. One item which I’m referring to in particular is that of the denim jeans, and furthermore there is one such brand that has nailed what “denim” is better than most, evident in fact they sold one pair of denim jeans every eighteen seconds globally in the past year. This brand is our British favourite Topman.

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Valentino Denim Camo Collection

Classic Italian fashion house Valentino has worked hard to re-invent itself over the past few years. Their last collection of camoflage covered pieces sold like hot cakes so we expect this next phase to be no different. From their popular Rockrunner trainers, to jackets and accessories, the brand continues to climb higher. In Spring 2016 we can expect to see their Denim Camoflage Capsule Collection appear in stores with key items like the Rockrunner trainer, backpack and tote bag all making an appearance decked out in a special patchwork denim camoflage. For us it looks brilliant, fresh and adventurous with the expected Italian craftsmanship all there. You can look forward to collection hitting your nearest Valentino stockist in the coming weeks.





Our high-street king Burton has always delivered varied, strong options for all occasions and none more so than this summer. Here at The Gentleman Select, in line with the launch of our new website, we have teamed up with Burton to give you four summer shirt options and the chance to win a little helping hand for your summer wardrobe, with a £25 gift voucher. Read on for more details.

The key in said selections is having variety so you can really mix-up different outfits throughout your holiday, from the poolside to the bar in a flawlessly smooth transition.

First up we consider texture with a nepp effect in this classic button up, short sleeve shirt featuring lightweight Linen to give breathability in those hot summer nights. There is five colour options to choose from, the grey which we selected below, could be paired with slim fit Burton chinos and ice white plimsoles. Effortlessly cool indeed.


Next is an option which we find is often very over looked, be it the name or its out of norm appearance. Its the grand dad collar. It is a version of shirt which has seen modernisation by many clothing maestros like Burton. They have given it a spruce of pastel, with examples of pink and green as seen below. Paired with some equally light coloured tailored shorts and this nautical t-shirt, you will be more than welcome to pull up a pew at the beach-side bar.


This leads us to our next shirt which has been around almost since the dawn of time on the bar scene, a piece always revisited. The denim shirt. A staple item which always has a place in the male wardrobe, Burton has produced five wonderful variants in short sleeve length, two with a pattern effect and three solid. Our chosen example below is the classic dark denim, hugely adaptable in any outfit wether its paired with chinos and some boat shoes or as Burton hints, quintessential skinny black jeans for after dark.


A personal favourite on the short sleeve scene, in which you don’t need to chop trees for a living to wear one, is the check shirt. Here it gets a boost with some great colour options, pair it with some slim fit denim, perhaps similar to the colour above, and see both items really stand out. The check is also great with a plain block coloured t shirt worn underneath, we suggest white, loose and open which really emphasises the check pattern.

Whatever selections you make, we found a great variety over at burton.co.uk which tops the bill for all occasions and really bolsters your summer wardrobe. We also highly recommend entering your email address now and boost your chances of winning £25 towards your Burton outfits.

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On first glance, the words of “Fisherman’s Knit” and “Summer” in the same sentence seem complete madness, however if we look back into history theres much we can channel from the likes of JFK, for example, drifting around on his yacht.

Although the jumper itself displays the cream colour found on the traditional Aran fisherman’s jumper, woven naturally on the islands that bear that name, these more modern takes are not a heavy wool with natural oils as protection, but a lightweight and breathable Pima cotton. Something which has a good weight to keep you warm as the summer nights cool down a little, yet light enough you wont be frying in the mid-day sun.

Keeping in check with modern cuts you will find that todays Fisherman Knits have a slimmer, narrower fit, so it wont look like you are wearing a thick bedsheet, yet they still contain that ribbed pattern which ideally compliments a rough fabric like your denim jeans. Take a look at our examples below of whos doing it, and how to wear it.

Italian fashion house Canali brought the knit upon us with their SS15 show in Milan. In the above image they have paired it with some tailored trousers and crisp white trainers for a fresh summer look which fits into most social occasions.

Wear it like Leonardo DiCaprio did in the recent film adaptation of The Great Gatsby. You might not have the vast linen closest he has in this scene, but you can mirror his mysterious millionaire style with this example showing the light, ribbed pattern across the chest and rolled up sleeves to give a more relaxed demeanor.

Presidential style here from one John F Kennedy. This lightweight knit was always a favourite with him and should be with you so wether its sailing off Cape Cod or drifting into town for a drink, this little number should be on your back to fend off that cool summer breeze.