Silverburn Menswear YOUR5 Styling Sessions

Silverburn YOUR5 Styling Sessions Returns

As many men out there will know it can be a tricky, even slightly nervy task updating your wardrobe and grooming regime for the Autumn season. What products to try, will they work for my skin or do I suit this colour? It can all be very bamboozling indeed. Thankfully, Silverburn is here help as it hosts its first ever menswear style event for those who are looking to update their wardrobe and skincare routine this season.

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With the up-coming film reboot of cult TV series The Man From U.N.C.L.E on August 14th, we for one are extremely excited for two reasons. One, said reboot is directed by none other than Guy Ritchie who always delivers a slick, smart film which we are sure will be true to its roots. Secondly and most importantly having an eye for detail, we can’t help but notice the wonderful and sophisticated style evident throughout. At gentlemanly outfitters Hawes and Curtis, they have partnered with The Man from U.N.C.L.E. to create a capsule collection which captures that 1960’s essence, and is sure to bring out your inner spy in quintessentially British fashion.

The collection sees Hawes and Curtis execute classically tailored suits in the finest Italian wool through their 1913 collection. The crisp white Jermyn style shirts, as seen below, are made from 140’s cotton for that soft, elite feel, whilst implementing some beautiful detail in the mother of pearl buttons. We also love how the ties are the same design as the ones in the movie, and paired with some sartorial flourishes in tie-bars, a pocket square and cufflinks, harks back to the day when making an effort to dress was important everyday of the week.


The full collection sees a total of eight suits available to choose from, including the three piece Prince of Wales check as seen above, and the Royal Navy two piece as below. Jackets will feature a slim fit cut with classic notched lapels and two buttons. To add freedom of movement, the jacket also features elegant double vents, perfect if you need to apply some evasive action. For me the trousers are equally as great, slim to the leg, with a classic button fastening, however most importantly, unfinished at the bottom allowing you to get the trousers tailored to the perfect length you require.


Hawes and Curtis has also included a more casual look in the collection, the weekend outfit if you like. Similar to that of Armie Hammer in the film itself and image below (right), this look incorporates a soft turtle-neck sweater, leather jacket, cap and leather weekend bag. Its an ideal all round outfit for gentlemanly pursuits, having a little jaunt around town, then straight out for dinner and drinks. This is possible through the smart, black silhouettes. There is no risk of you looking like the Milk Tray man either,detailing on the jacket chest zip pocket and hat provide just enough subtle touches to steer you in the right direction.


Owner of Hawes and Curtis Touker Suleyman, known for his current seat on BBC’s Dragons Den, said”partnering with Warner Bros was something natural for both brands: a marriage of style and sophistication”.  He went on to add “As soon as we saw the trailer for the film we knew it had bags of style, All of the characters are impeccably dressed and we were excited to recreate the looks and even produce a collection inspired by the film’s atmosphere. This partnership is another step of communicating our brand’s evolution into the British lifestyle territory.”

Personally we feel its a fabulous tribute to a legendary television series and now film which will no doubt get the audience tapping away to that theme tune in cinemas. The line is now available at whilst also being available to buy in the brands flagship stores of Regent Street, Bond Street, Jermyn Street and Milton Keynes.


Driving a MINI is a statement in itself, an iconic piece of motoring through decades. To now have MINI in a clothing format is equally as bold. This January past at the 88th Pitti Uomo in Florence, MINI collaborated with six gifted Italian designers, along with heads behind the Pitti Uomo fashion fare to create the MINI Capsule Collection. The finished products were six high end accessories that merge Italian craftsmanship and innovative detail all inspired by the fourth coming MINI Clubman.

Viewing the collection, we looked a little deeper into the designers and their inspirations. For us they all share the same traits, a passion for unconventionality and a passion for their art. The creative minds behind this project go from SuperDuper, TYG Spectacles, Alberto Premi and Pijama, including famed perfumer Paola Bottai, to the Proraso Team with illustrator Pietro Nicolaucich. Through them into a melting pot with MINI and you have the resulting MINI Gentleman’s Collection, cool fashion classic with a modern twist. A noticeable foundation which the designers were clearly inspired by was Italy’s vibrant fashion scene, traditional mens tailoring and exquisite craftsmanship. The six gentleman’s accessory collection consists of a pair of sunglasses, a pair of shoes, a bag, a hat, a fragrance and a shaving kit.

SuperDuper: The Gentleman’s hat.

The structure of the hat is in true classical Italian format, using traditional handmade methods and premium-grade felt. The inner band is inspired by the leather upholstery used in the 2015 MINI Clubman whilst the colourful double seam is a nod to the wonderful variety available in the MINI car range. SuperDuper is known for its combination of old school millinery and modern design elements which always produce the most striking of product. Founded in Florence in 2011 by siblings Ilaria Cornacchini, Veronica Cornacchini and Matteo Gioli, this talented trio are certainly ones to watch.

TYG Spectacles: The Gentleman’s Sunglasses.

As all us chaps know, sunglasses are an essential gentleman’s accessory which can be paired with many an outfit. In the MINI Capsule Collection this pair is a combination of high-grade acetate with brushed metal which gives a unique, yet elegant and sporty appearance evident through their elliptical form and minimalistic design which, as same as the special little hat above, harks back to the MINI car itself. TYG or “Three Young Gentleman” as the glasses creators are known, all share that same passion and goal: to create high end sunglasses which are both timeless and current. You can also bet the guys choose the finest in materials, with materials sourced from traditional Italian household name Mazzucchelli Varese and lenses by legendary Carl Zeiss vision.


Alberto Premi: The Gentleman’s Shoe.

When you have your feet on the pedals of cool little car, its important your shoe game is equally as fresh. The shoes here in the MINI Collection are modern yet elegant. Crafted from the finest hand cut leather, combined with a modern, ultralight sole so no comfort is sacrificed. The fantastic thing is not only is Alberto Premi talented in his own right, but he has the history of shoe making in the family behind him, his father has been a shoe designer for over 30 years. Alberto Premi’s use of innovative materials and unconventional colour schemes emulate that of what MINI is all about. Being different. This is perhaps why then Pitti and MINI voted him most talented young designer at the 87th Pitti Uomo 2015.

Proraso: The Gentleman’s Shaving Kit.

Since the mythical days of Sweeney Todd plying his trade on Fleet Street, the clean, cut-throat shave has came a long way, however still sits as the most demanding method of shaving to master. Here, this stylish kit travels back to the vintage barber look with classic shaving brush, pre-shaving cream, shaving cream and an aftershave balm. The Florence based Proraso are true shaving kings when it comes to the wet-shave, guarding its 70 year old eucalyptus oil-based formula like a treasure, this is why they claim to guarantee one of the best gentle and thorough shaves going. We certainly don’t doubt them. The packaging itself is equally as wonderful, put together by Italian illustrator Pietro Nicolaucich, who boasts clients such as Moschino, Benetton and Nike, worked in unison with Proraso to implement such quirky details as pipes and moustaches.

For us overall, the MINI Capsule Collection was a resounding success, a unique and brilliant combination of classic and modern Italy which captured the essence of MINI. It  also brought to the fore front some wonderfully talented designers. If you are lucky to come across any of the pieces, in a shop or online, I say snap them up at once and gain your own unique part of MINI and PItti Uomo.


If a big event or even simply a night out is on your calender in the city of London over the next month, may we suggest some gentlemanly pre party preperation in the form of the new Lynx Black Space. Situated in the Old Truman Brewery, 11-12 Dray Walk, Brick Lane to be precise, this summer pop-up will deliver all things cool and stylish under the one roof.

The shop follows on from the release of the Lynx Black range, a more subtle and quiter approach to the mens grooming world. The Old Truman Brewery, dating back to 1666, is a thriving hub of arts and culture just now, perfect then to act as the location for Lynx Black Space. What you will find once you enter is a brilliant mixture of music, culture, clothing and grooming, the latter of which is provided by renowned London Barber Jack The Clipper, walk in service is even available with treatments kicking off at £24 for a wash, cut and style to the full Royal Ripper at £52.

To keep you stylish after your trim, there is a specially curated range of clothing from online maestros ASOS which will change on a regular basis to supply the most unique pieces to set you apart from the crowd. Think sharp cut jackets and tees with colours that are dark and reflective of the pop-up’s namesake.

In keeping with the current audio and visual nature of the building, an eclectic mix of music will also caress your ears and senses through live performances, the space has seen involvement from the likes of Tinie Tempah, Labrinth and Mixmag since it opened the doors, so there is no shortage of heavy hitters. Backyard cinema will be doing the visuals providing some cracking old and new films to cater for all, just be sure to book ahead via the website at as viewings are sure to go seriously quick.