Like Bike: The Most Glamorous Bike Show on Earth

The super rich principality of Monaco is synonymous with luxury cars and yachts of truly gargantuan proportions however from the 3rd-5th of April a different mode of transport will descend on Monte Carlo in equally spectacular fashion, that of Like Bike. Billed as “the most glamorous bike show on earth” it is a showcase of the most flamboyantly advanced bicycles and accessories available today.

Housed in the glass structure of the Grimaldi Forum, this exhibition is like a vast array of cycling related black projects and here at The Gentleman Select we have highlighted a few pieces,from the innovative and stylish, to the “money is no object” creation of ultimate luxury that you just might fancy adding to your Sunday peddling session.

We kick off with one such bike that would not look out of place on the Monte Carlo circuit, that of the SPA Bicicletto.

SPA being an historic, luxury Italian car company is evident in the sleek, sculptured lines this electric bike offers. It truly is a piece of art on wheels that draws upon motoring, horological and aeronautical shapes with a 36v battery and a “faux” fuel tank that can be used for storage. Made from carbon fibre this exquisite Italian E-Bike is sure to capture its viewers and at £8,975 will certainly sell in a luxury market to anyone with even a hint of style appreciation.

Whilst we always like to look slick on our bikes, safety continues to be of paramount importance. It is wonderful to see advancements in this area which really push the boundaries of what’s possible and nobody has went further than Swedish company Hövding and their airbag helmet.

Developed in collaboration with Alva AB, providers of airbags to the motor industry, this helmet moonlights as a scarf and wouldn’t look out of place on a Milan catwalk. Inflating in 0.1 seconds on heavy impact to cradle your fragile cranium, it even comes with its own black box built in to record 10 seconds of data after an accident. Truly advanced indeed and at a paltry sum of £249 a bargain for such a cool piece of futuristic protection.

Having a show set in Monte Carlo there has to be a showpiece, a bike which is as opulent and luxurious as its surroundings. The Cipollini RB1000 Luxury Edition is that very item then to capture the spotlight.

It is the epitome of functional excess with its monocoque carbon-fibre frame however it is the detail which really sets it apart. Engrained into the Cipollini lettering is platinum, 110 grams to be precise. In the bikes headset it goes further with 40 grams of gold and 17 carats of diamonds. This bike is simply the true essence of Jewellery and technology combined. For us it is an expression of Italy in motion and will set you back a cool £36,280. Ideal for when you are whirring around the streets of Monte Carlo.

Key Points: Like Bike, runs the 3rd-5th April at the Grimaldi Forum.