Dressing Up Denim With Andrew Brookes

Dressing Up Denim With Andrew Brookes

I’m certain most of you own or have owned a denim shirt in your life time. A fantastic, versatile item to have in the wardrobe, it goes with anything from chinos to denim jeans. Yes indeed the old “double denim” is something I’am an advocate of as long as they are not matching in the same colour. When it comes to popping on the shirt itself however, I would guess a good percentage of you have never worn one with a suit. With this in mind, last month I paid a visit to renowned tailor Andrew Brookes in Edinburgh to check out some shirt options and where I also found a denim shirt perfectly suited for any occasion.

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A Visit To Andrew Brookes Tailoring

A Visit To Andrew Brookes Tailoring

As I have talked about many times before on The Gentleman Select, tailoring is something I have an obsession with to put it mildly. A form of clothing that dominates my wardrobe, I ‘am always looking for new and exciting cuts and styles to add to an ever-growing collection. With this in mind, you can imagine the complete joy that consumed me when the opportunity came along to meet up with re-knowned Scottish tailor Andrew Brookes, to discuss all things fashion and style, whilst putting together a stunning three piece suit which would knock it out the park at any occasion. During my visit we also explored deeply into how I could wear this suit smart and formal, before splitting it up for a more casual, laid-back look, really re-inforcing both the versatility and importance of having a well cut suit in your wardrobe arsenal, along with the style choices men are making in the modern age.

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Gaziano & Girling Gives Us Shoe Perfection

If you have an special event on the horizon or are simply looking to up your shoe game, then The Gentleman Select have found the exact brand for you. Gazing & Girling.

Gaz Boots

Personally since discovering these chaps through Instagram ,I have been staring and gasping over their photo stream at the sheer craftsmanship and finish on these truly epic shoes. The brand was founded in 2006 by pairing Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling who in the past worked for a variety of shoemakers before launching their own namesake brand, the pinnacle of bespoke shoe making.

Gaz Shoes

What Gazing & Girling give us then is a delightful collection which is conservative, contemporary and attractive to men young and old. They have a distinct whiff of the continent in their appearance, but this is no bad thing at all and only adds to the delight of looking and wearing these shoes with your well cut suit. Tony and Dean are now joined by a team of marvellous craftsmen at their factory in Kettering near Northampton, the epicentre of it all.

You can check out some of the creations online here, however if you are willing to go that little further, I would personally head down to their flagship store on Saville Row, get a pair made to order and kick back and look at one of the most beautiful items made by man.

Rolls Royce Reveals Bespoke “Wraith-History of Rugby”

In the spirit of Rugby, and in correlation with the current Rugby World Cup on the go, a unique creation from the Rolls-Royce bespoke studio in Goodwood has came to our attention, the beautiful Rolls-Royce “Wraith-History of Rugby”. A department which is usually tasked with reflecting the far out dreams and requests of elite individuals through the car that they drive, Rolls-Royce’s bespoke team has drawn on the vast history of this age old English game to create a truly unique car which celebrates England’s attachment to the game of Rugby and the individuality we see in both this, and a great automotive legend.


Many of the design features found within the Rolls-Royce “Wraith-History of Rugby” will ring a bell with the regular followers of English rugby, and whom also know their history on the traditional old rugby school. The exterior paint scheme of white pays homage to the white shirt worn both at rugby school and by the England rugby team to this very day. These historical references continue to be beautifully integrated with the iconic red rose. An evocative feature in English rugby since 1871, Rolls-Royce continues its reputation for hand-crafted personalisation with the cars shoulder line accentuated by a hand-applied coachline in green, with the stand out rose motif in red, something rugby founder William Webb Ellis would certainly give the thumbs up. The exterior is wonderfully capped of with 21″ five spoke alloy wheels to remind us this car is still a beast underneath.


Arguably the most recognisable symbol of English rugby, the rose, has been beautifully integrated within the exterior of the car to. Each headrest features an embroidered red rose, with the Hotspur Red continuing onto the dashboard accent panel, seat and door piping. Sharp piano black veneer features on the dashboard in which the centre panel is delicately inlaid with the English rose.


An interesting feature which we love at The Gentleman Select is how the legendary Rolls-Royce leather has went beyond the “Wraith-History of Rugby”. Gilbert, the iconic maker of rugby balls, has produced a limited number of rugby balls to mark this unique creation. Using the same interior seashell and Red Hotspur leather, each ball has been embroidered by the talented chaps at Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, with the red rose on one panel and Rolls-Royce motif on the other. James Crichton, the regional director for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Europe said “This truly unique Wraith emphasises vision and individuality, inspired by the role it plays within a team. While the game of rugby may have been inspired by the act of one individual, it is one of the world’s most popular team sports. In a similar vein, this one car represents the efforts of the team of engineers and craftspeople working at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, producing the most individual motor cars in the world.”


In an honest opinion this is a statement we wholeheartedly agree with. Creating bespoke visions is what Rolls-Royce do best and through the “Wraith-History of Rugby” the designers and craftsmen at the studio in Goodwood have both drawn inspiration from and captured the true essence of the game of rugby, integrating it seamlessly into one of the most beautiful cars of our current time, the Rolls-Royce Wraith.



Supply and Demand

SuitSupply has been with us since the year 2000, however for me they continue to fly just under the radar and go largely un-noticed.

When we look for fitted, well cut tailoring, a brand founded in Amsterdam would be the last one on our minds, there however the differences end and in SuitSupply we find some truly wonderful tailoring.

For me there are two aspects which really drive this brand. Firstly a very wide lapel, something Gianni Agnelli might wear and you tend to only find crafted by Tom Ford or Sartoria Caraceni, fine of course if you have a few thousand pounds to spare.

That leads me then to the cost itself, suit supply will deliver a classic wide lapelled beauty for £299 cut from pure wool provided by Vitale Barberis Canonico in Italy. For me that is a fantastic price for what you are getting, something that will stand the test of time and stand out from the crowd. SuitSupply also deliver a well crafted line of leathers, accessories and ties to pair with your Lapo Elkann looking suit.


Currently their only British store is situated nicely on Saville Row however you can order through the website also. And remember if you’re still quite unsure, a brand ranked number one suit by The Wall Street Journal can never be a bad thing either…

Key Piece: Lazio Light Brown Check £379.