Petrolified Release Stunning Collection Of Motoring Prints

Petrolheads around the world will be rubbing their grease and oil covered mittens together with the news that Petrolified have released their latest line of prints entitled “The Originals”. The collection features iconic automobiles built throughout the 20th century, a tribute if you will to some of the greatest supercars which have graced our roads and many a bedroom and garage wall.

As with many of the prints from Petrolified they display a clean, slick and minimalistic look with each printed in detail on the poster in vibrant eye catching colour. Even if you know your cars or not, you will undoubtedly recognise many of these stunning cars of yester-years, the Ferrari Testarossa, Lamborghini Muira and Jaguar XJ220 to name but a few.

Head over to the Petrolified site now for a full look at the stunning collection of motoring prints.








Banksy Returns With Steve Jobs Syrian Artwork

Nothing says more of a political message than a piece of art, and even more so when it comes from someone very high profile in that world. Banksy. The elusive artist has delivered his next piece which is very current affairs, both in location and content. Daubed on the wall of the Calais refugee camp, the piece of graffiti art features none other than one Steve Jobs, the son of a Syrian refugee, and is aimed at highlighting the current Syrian crisis we see across the world, in spectacular fashion. Following the release, on the artists website Banksy has named the piece “the son of a migrant from Syria”. In the scene Steve Jobs can be seen carrying an original Apple Mac computer along with what appears to be a sack of his life possessions. Check out the brilliant artwork below.



Hublot x Carlos Cruz-Diez

In true Hublot fashion, the brand has kicked off this years Art Basel Miami in style with an event and unveiling of new watches to celebrate famed Venezuelan artist, Carlos Cruz-Diez, and heralded the opening of the ‘Cruz-Diez Bi-Dimensional Research 1959-2015’ exhibit. The exhibit is to be held at Espace Expression in Wynwood, and celebrates the artists work, often identified as “kinetic art”. Much of his work explores how the viewer may interpret different light, colour, and shapes depending on our perspective.

Hublot Cruz-Diez

Hublot have manufactured three variations of their Classic Fusion, each showcasing their own very impressive tribute to some of the artist’s key pieces. The watches will be made in 45mm cases with the option of 18ct King Gold limited to 40 pieces, Black Ceramic limited to 50 pieces, and a Platinum Tourbillion version limited to 10 pieces. Each watch has an animated multicoloured dial honouring the work of Cruz-Diez, which Hublot has named “mechanical chromo-interference”.

As we all know, ‘Hublot Loves Art’, and they have managed to fuse the two together perfectly in this latest collaboration. Not only is this a charming homage to a fantastic artist which is sure to attract the attention of art lovers and watch enthusiasts alike, it’s another endeavour which is likely to increase their popularity in South American markets.

BMW Unveils Oktoberfest Themed M3

With Oktoberfest in full swing, we have something which will wet your appetite besides a refreshing beer, so don your lederhosen and roll out a few kegs as BMW have unveiled a wonderful BMW M3 Oktoberfest themed car, in conjunction with the worlds biggest beer festival that is currently in full swing.


Of course we must mention this is not the first time we have seen a BMW Oktoberfest themed car. We can leap back to 1981 were at the time, Munich restauranteurs were financing and promoting a BMW M1, the legendary car designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and co-developed with Lamborghini, to compete in the Le Mans 24hr race. The designs on this car were hand painted showing local restaurants whom were sponsoring the project, to historical figures and the recognised white and blue cord, even the BMW factory itself made an appearance.


Beautifully this has been carried on to the latest BMW M3 project, seen again is the blue and white cord, Munich landmarks such at the Olympic stadium, the quintessential beer tent, even the Frauenkirche has its place on the body work, all wonderfully hand decorated by Walter Maurer, the original artist for the M1 project and practitioner of Cubism and Expressionism in Germany.


The festival itself runs until the 4th of October were the one off masterpiece BMW M3 “Munchner Wirte”  is on display at BMW Welt in Munich for all you lucky folks traveling over there to go and see. We trust however you don’t need any other reason to hop along and try some of the finest beers the world has to offer.


The construction of a BMW tends to be a piece of art in itself, however what you get when you have a collection of cars which some of the most renowned artists over four decades have taken to use as a canvas, results in something quite eye catching and spectacular indeed. Since we were first presented with the BMW 3.0L CSL at the 1975 Le Mans 24-hour race, painted by Alexander Calder, it ignited an obsession for both motoring and design enthusiasts alike, and the birth of the legendary BMW Art Car collection was seen.

The idea of the Art Car was first concieved forty years ago by French racing driver and art enthusiast Hervé Poulain who asked his friend, one Alexander Calder, to apply those creative talents to his racing car with the above cracker being the result. Over the years new additions of the BMW Art Car have emerged, with unique and eccentricity brilliant pieces by the most respected artists in the world, the likes of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, David Hockney and Jeff Koons. Senior Vice President for Corporate and Governmental Affairs for BMW Group Maximilian Schoberl stated  “The BMW Art Cars provide an exciting landmark at the interface where cars, technology, design, art and motor sport meet”, he added  “The 40-year history of our ‘rolling sculptures’ is as unique as the artists who created them. The BMW Art Cars are an essential element and core characteristic of our global cultural engagement.”

For you avid collectors out there, there is also a book by Hatje Cantz published in 2014, a 200 page glossary rich with images dating back to the first Art Car of 1975 in which it also nicely explains the themes and inspirations for each car through detailed interviews and portraits with the artists.

The anniversary celebrations kicked off in Hong Kong at the centre Pompidou, the BMW museum in Munich and the Concorso d’Eleganza at Lake Como as seen below. Here the creations by the likes of Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, Alexander Calder and even Jeff Koon’s M3 GT2 were on display to the pleasure of many visitors. The landmark tour will also be touching down later in 2015 in Shanghai, New York and the Art Basel show in Miami.

Through the realms of social media you can get closer still by using and tracking the hashtag #BMWArtCar with BMW seeking the public input of what “the art of the car” means to them.  It truly is a wonderful example of modern mobile art which if you have a chance, I suggest you get along and absorb a piece of this 40 year history.


If a big event or even simply a night out is on your calender in the city of London over the next month, may we suggest some gentlemanly pre party preperation in the form of the new Lynx Black Space. Situated in the Old Truman Brewery, 11-12 Dray Walk, Brick Lane to be precise, this summer pop-up will deliver all things cool and stylish under the one roof.

The shop follows on from the release of the Lynx Black range, a more subtle and quiter approach to the mens grooming world. The Old Truman Brewery, dating back to 1666, is a thriving hub of arts and culture just now, perfect then to act as the location for Lynx Black Space. What you will find once you enter is a brilliant mixture of music, culture, clothing and grooming, the latter of which is provided by renowned London Barber Jack The Clipper, walk in service is even available with treatments kicking off at £24 for a wash, cut and style to the full Royal Ripper at £52.

To keep you stylish after your trim, there is a specially curated range of clothing from online maestros ASOS which will change on a regular basis to supply the most unique pieces to set you apart from the crowd. Think sharp cut jackets and tees with colours that are dark and reflective of the pop-up’s namesake.

In keeping with the current audio and visual nature of the building, an eclectic mix of music will also caress your ears and senses through live performances, the space has seen involvement from the likes of Tinie Tempah, Labrinth and Mixmag since it opened the doors, so there is no shortage of heavy hitters. Backyard cinema will be doing the visuals providing some cracking old and new films to cater for all, just be sure to book ahead via the website at as viewings are sure to go seriously quick.

The Real Monopoly Man

In an era of daily banking shenanigans, who better to exploit this mess than the work of one Alec Monopoly.

My love of Alec’s work has been growing for a while now and has never been more relevant than in our current banking climate. His main muse, the “Top Hatted” rich uncle pennybags of the Monopoly game, with appearances from Scrooge McDuck and Patrick Bateman, really pokes fun at the banking misguidance of today.

Named as one of the most searched artists of 2014 by this graffiti artist’s work in vibrant colours is sure to grow further this year with an array of celebrity followers in tow.

Key piece: Christian Bale as “Patrick Bateman” with his blood soaked face. Check him out at: