Selected: Brixton

Just now during these summer months I have found myself going a bit daft for brands from across the pond, specifically The Golden State. Recently I had a look at Chief Made, a quirky, street orientated take on the regular pocket square, in which I then decided to order myself one of the stunningly sharp fedora hat’s from another Californian brand, that of Brixton.

I actually first came across Brixton whilst browsing through various styles on Instagram knowing I was heading off to V Fest in the coming weeks. I was looking for a killer accessory to cap off my outfit if you excuse the pun and had always quite fancied a fedora but never crossed the line of buying one. Every time I tried one on I looked like an explorer or perhaps a poor Crocodile Dundee impersonator, not to be discouraged however I decided to research and dig deeper as to what was available.

Strangely, it seems there is a lot of great hats and hat brands from California as I first stumbled across Nick Fouquet of Venice Beach, hatter to the likes of David Beckham and Instagram man of the moment Gianluca Vacchi. Unfortunately for me however these do come in at quite a high price point, accessible if you are the likes of David Beckham, though for a first foray into the world of fedora’s, perhaps a little steep. I must say though if you can do check out Nick Fouquet’s work, there is some incredible customisation over there and unique pieces that are rather special indeed.

After clicking through multiple images and a good deal of time later I then stumbled across Brixton. The brand is directly inspired by music in which when you visit their page, you really get that relaxed Californian vibe, as if you were skateboarding along a beachside walkway in the sunshine. Whats more the products are limited in production, meaning along with a seriously decent price point, you are getting an item which is pretty special and unique. Over on Brixton’s website they actually have an amazing array of full brim and fedora hats in varied sizes, all with their own little features such as feathers, leather bands and ribbons. The particular version I went for, the Las Cruces Fedora is fairly large in width and comes in a lovely neutral fawn colour which paired terrifically well with a black t shirt and black jeans when festival time came around.

If you are in the market for a cool pork pie or fedora hat, or just an accessory which is a little bit different, then head over the Brixton here and check out what this effortlessly cool Cali brand has to offer.

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