The Time Sponsored by Apple

Wearable tech is as big as it has ever been just now from built for purpose pieces, to high fashion items on top runways. This week one of the top giants of technology joined this party in Apple with their take on the wrist watch and here at The Gentleman Selectwe couldn’t help but weigh in on the topic.

At first glance it is a quirky little time piece with simplistic shaping, basically a smaller iPod on a strap. However what we are most interested in is its functionality as a watch and for me it just seems a little gimmicky.

On sale the 24th of April, the entry price is justifiable at £299 however that is the bottom standard so in terms of a top seller in the mid range we would be starting around £949. I feel it is a steep price to ask of a watch which carries a charge of up to 72 hours, providing of course you aren’t scrolling through the developed apps of Facebook and Instagram on it. For me it just feels like a mini iPod/iPad with a magnified time function. The biggest worry for me would also be: is it justifiable price wise relative to the battery life such as our iPhones etc have?. Again even with a standard Quartz watch this is easily replaceable.

Don’t get me wrong I adore Apple as a company and its innovative products produced and I can truely see why this would appeal to technophobes and gadget lovers alike with its functions of opening compatible hotel and garage doors, but being traditionalists here at The Gentleman Select it just seems like a horological golum. The primary example would be a paltry £13,500 for the gold model, a figure which seems ludicrous considering you could buy a steel Patek Philippe, something with passion, history and hand-made craftsmanship. If you are after a gold time piece even a second hand Rolex Day-Date would be such a more sound investment than a £13,500 gadget.

This for me then is simply what the Apple Watch is. A gadget. I would buy it as a gadget, but not as a time piece.

Key Piece: Prices range from £299-£13,500


Supply and Demand

SuitSupply has been with us since the year 2000, however for me they continue to fly just under the radar and go largely un-noticed.

When we look for fitted, well cut tailoring, a brand founded in Amsterdam would be the last one on our minds, there however the differences end and in SuitSupply we find some truly wonderful tailoring.

For me there are two aspects which really drive this brand. Firstly a very wide lapel, something Gianni Agnelli might wear and you tend to only find crafted by Tom Ford or Sartoria Caraceni, fine of course if you have a few thousand pounds to spare.

That leads me then to the cost itself, suit supply will deliver a classic wide lapelled beauty for £299 cut from pure wool provided by Vitale Barberis Canonico in Italy. For me that is a fantastic price for what you are getting, something that will stand the test of time and stand out from the crowd. SuitSupply also deliver a well crafted line of leathers, accessories and ties to pair with your Lapo Elkann looking suit.


Currently their only British store is situated nicely on Saville Row however you can order through the website also. And remember if you’re still quite unsure, a brand ranked number one suit by The Wall Street Journal can never be a bad thing either…

Key Piece: Lazio Light Brown Check £379.

Bang & Olufsen’s “Love Affair”

90 years have passed since Peter Bang and Sven Olufsen presented their AC Radio to the world. So what better way to mark an anniversary than with six of their current audio visual pieces emblazoned in Gatsby esq rose gold.

In my personal opinion there is an emerging trend for rose gold and copper tones in household items this season. There is a true feeling of warmth which directs us away from the over used cold chrome look. This in turn is why I feel Bang & Olufsen has got it spot on.

Achieved through a unique dying process, the romantic rose gold colour captures a by gone era of exhuberance with hints of wood included too. This I feel gives the home owner a very flexible object which will really stand out in any room. For me the collection really does work on all levels and stands as a fitting testiment to the passion and craftsmanship that has been put into Bang & Olufsen equipment over 90 years.

The collection itself will range from the classic Beo Play H6 headphones, to the elegant and personal favourite Beo Lab 18 speakers which again look stunning in said rose.

Key Piece: Beo Lab 18. £5,260 from


H&M for Coachella

As we roll into March so it takes us another month nearer to festival fun and hopefully, some hot weather to go with the top line ups on show.

The choice of what to wear tends to have  the same importance of what alcohol to take, thus to ease your dilemmas look no further than H&M and their Cochella based clothing line.The Swedish brand have sponsored the Coachella festival in California for the past six years now, a partnership which has now been translated through these designs.

Aptly titled H&M loves Coachella, the line reflects the festival spirit through pieces like its acid wash t-shirt and a quirky cactus print vest as a personal favourite. The line will launch at the festival itself next month however we can expect it to hit our shores much nearer the end of March.

Of course this gives us then plenty of time for the weather to improve for festival season should we be donning any cactus print vests in Old Blighty this year.

Key Piece: Cactus print vest. Ranging from £2.99-£29.99


The 24hr Party Island

As soon as this title is read the first thought that pops into most people’s head is the Balearic gem of Ibiza, however in this case you would be very much mistaken.

Set to rival our favourite little Mediterranean hotspot is somewhere twice as hot and twice as sandy.  Come 2018 we expect a fully fledged party island situated just outside Dubai running 24hrs of partying madness. The titled “Dream Island” will be set to boast space for 20,000 revellers who will have the option of two mega clubs, four beach bars, five hotels and 100 restaurants.

Navigating strict alcohol policies of the Middle East is also dealt with through its location of Ras Al Khaimah in UAE meaning no license is required to purchase. The true intentions of this hedonistic island are expressed through sales and marketing director George Saad:

“We’re trying to make it the new Ibiza – a mini Ibiza dedicated solely to partying. People will be able to come here, stay in the hotel party at clubs on the beach, anything in the world you can do… And we are trying to attract festivals to come here – like Burning Man.”

There is no doubt then that it is a truly fantastic spectacle in the planning however the biggest question that all partygoers will have is will this replace Ibiza as the go to party destination?

Only time will tell on this.

Key Piece: Artist Impression; Island Layout Plans.



Handmade Shoes… and Affordable

When we talk about handmade, tailored items, we enter the realms of yearly salary prices and very long waiting times.

Enter then Meermin Shoes from Mallorca.Since 2001 this shoemaking dynasty have sought to deliver handmade shoes at a reasonable price for customers. I for one love their craftsmanship and I feel their varied range of tasseled loafers for the summer, to a very James Bond esq Skyfall boot for winter, really does cater for all.

Recently they have ventured into producing accessories with a new wonderful range of belts to pair with said shoes rangeing from Balearic tans to dark brown museum calf, colours that really do compliment an outfit.

This then brings me back to Meermin’s key selling point in their fantastic price for a stunning pair of handmade shoes which is sure to set you apart from other chaps in the bar or office, without denting your bank balance.

Key Piece: The double monk strap in Cognac €160 (£116)


The Real Monopoly Man

In an era of daily banking shenanigans, who better to exploit this mess than the work of one Alec Monopoly.

My love of Alec’s work has been growing for a while now and has never been more relevant than in our current banking climate. His main muse, the “Top Hatted” rich uncle pennybags of the Monopoly game, with appearances from Scrooge McDuck and Patrick Bateman, really pokes fun at the banking misguidance of today.

Named as one of the most searched artists of 2014 by this graffiti artist’s work in vibrant colours is sure to grow further this year with an array of celebrity followers in tow.

Key piece: Christian Bale as “Patrick Bateman” with his blood soaked face. Check him out at: