Fyodor Premium Natural Deodorant for Men

Fyodor Premium Natural Deodorant For Men

Feeling and smelling good is hugely important nowadays. What’s equally important is also the origin of those grooming products you use. What goes into them. Where the ingredients come from. Factors more and more of us are considering. Over the past few weeks I’ve been checking out and using some wonderful products by Fyodor. A brand which produces premium, natural deodorants for men. They are indeed the perfect accompaniment for your toilet bag whilst traveling and the grooming shelf at home.

Fyodor very cleverly is an acronym for fix your odor. Produced and manufactured in a small family-run factory in Yorkshire, they currently have two wonderful, natural deodorants available to try, LEAF and BASK.

Fyodor Premium Natural Deodorant For Men

When I opened the box on arrival to see both deodorants, my first impressions were great. I really thought the packaging represented exactly what Fyodor is all about. Minimal, natural and fresh with nothing in there that doesn’t need to be.

Furthermore from its compact size, you also get a great life from the deodorant itself. Definitely a winner in my book.

LEAF has a tidy green wrapping around the middle of the tube. On opening the cap, there is a lovely hint of minty freshness and eucalyptus which is just fantastic on the nose. “Reminiscent of morning dew on a radiant spring morning”  is a quote perfectly put by Fyodor.

LEAF was the first deodorant I tried. I must admit this is the first time in quite a while I have used a stick deodorant and honestly, I really liked it. It didn’t feel tacky or sticky on the skin and it was very pleasing not to have white powder cascading from my armpits after I forgot to shake the canister enough.

Fyodor Premium Natural Deodorant For Men

Throughout the day I also felt like the charming aroma lasted very well. A real winner given thats what we all want a good deodorant to do. Fyodor’s deodorants are also a great size at 75g meaning I could easily fit one in my gym bag for putting on after exercise.

The second deodorant in the range is called BASK. It has a more woody scent to it with notes of summer fruits and spices coming through. Personally this is one I think will be ideal for packing in the summer suitcase. As Fyodor so beautifully puts it, “think sun, beach, and a sundown drive along the Italian Riviera”. With this not so lovely weather we are having just now Fyodor is definitely taking me to warmer climates with this charming scent.

Fyodor Premium Natural Deodorant For Men

Of course as I touched on before, what goes into Fyodor’s deodorants is of huge importance. 8 natural ingredients to be precise. All of which which are safe, simple, effective and hard-working. Perfect for the busy man of today.

Another factor which I love about Fyodor is that along with two brilliant smelling deodorants, they have a great subscription model to choose from as well. You can have a fresh deodorant delivered to your door every 1, 2 or 3 months. In addition you aren’t bound so you can change scents or cancel at any point. Really a fantastic service to take advantage of in my opinion, especially when there is a new scent coming soon.

For me having tried both Fyodor deodorant’s out I really loved them. The concoction of fresh, natural scents are a welcome change to my daily grooming regime. Winter or summer they are the perfect fit. I would throughly recommend trying them out. Without a doubt it is a deodorant range I know you will be delighted you tried.

Click the link here and head over to the Fyodor website to check them out.


This is a collaborative post between The Gentleman Select and Fyodor. All words and opinions are my own.






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