Mr Porter is a site we love at The Gentleman Select, other than the amazing pieces, we also adore how they are consistently refreshing with new designers and articles.

Next to crop up then is a series of Japanese labels which encapsulate what is being worn on the streets in the land of the rising sun. Five top labels of Japan are included in this collection exclusive to Mr Porter, Remi Relief, Beams Plus, Beams T, Blackmeans and Neighborhood.

“We know that Japanese brands resonate well with our global customer base” stated Daniel Todd, buyer at Mr Porter. The Blackmeans collection stands out the most taking its designs from a very punk-esque, Sex Pistols style with a heavily studded black leather jacket and and biker trousers, the jacket paired with a white T is a great timeless, versitile piece. The Neighborhood Collection for us touches on the same “gentleman of attitude” persona with a rip-repair denim jacket and jeans.

The Beams Plus collection has its roots cemented in the 1960’s with shirts, shorts and blazers which really capture those chilled out, long summer days in California. We particularly like the navy button down shirt, its very varsity or something Paul Newman would have thrown on after a day racing with a pair of chinos.

Whilst we are on the west coast 60’s era the Remi Relief collection delves into a more free spirit, hippy approach with tie-dye vintage style tees worn by surfers and foundation of denim running through most pieces. The collection is available now from Mr Porter and is well worth a good look.

Key Piece: Blackmeans Studded Leather Biker Jacket £2,700

Available at

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