The 2002 Turbo Hommage Is Automotive Art

Another month passes and another delightful hommage to the BMW’s of yesteryears appears in which I for one will simply not get bored of seeing. They are absolutely epic and none more so than the Hommage 2002, a stunning tribute towards the 1973 20o2 turbo, displayed this year at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach. The original 2002 model was seen as the pioneer for many BMW’s to follow as this particular model was the first european production car to be fitted with a turbo.

Hommage 3

I love how the 2002 Homage has kept the famous “shark nose” front, with a compact chassis size, likely a 2 series, to keep it nimble and agile around tight, twisting turns. As you would expect, being a more modern take on a classic, BMW have created a version which is much more aerodynamic and refined, with downforce by the barrel load through spoilers on the front and rear of the car. My absolute favourite touch is the black and orange livery of Jaegermeister which earned the particular decorated 1970’s version the nickname of the “turbomeister edition”, this can be seen emblazoned across various sections of the Homage 2002.

Hommage 5

Hommage 6

For me this works on so many levels, keeping alive an absolute classic, yet modernising it, bringing it into the new era. This is simply the best BMW tribute yet.


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