Ignition Festival Is a Roaring Success

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to attend the first Ignition Festival of motoring to be held in Glasgow at the SECC, in which I must say, what a spectacle it was to see.


For any fan who has the slightest interest in cars, bikes or motorsport, are sure to still be reminiscing of a truly unique and spectacular weekend experience of seeing not only the most desirable sports cars on the planet, in abundance, but F1 legends David Coulthard and Mark Webber, tear round a specially constructed street circuit in the RB7 F1 car, the first time Scotland has seen anything like it. Personally it was an absolute dream to watch the likes of Colin McRae’s old rally cars, a stunning tribute to the never forgotten legend, off road Dakar Rally based vehicles and road going supercars, all in the one vicinity. There really was something for everyone on show and this is why I feel it was a total success.


From my perspective I also found the halls within the exhibition centre hugely engaging from the wacky and brilliantly entertaining Top Gear stunt-team, to the vast array of current and vintage sports cars on display. Various car clubs were in attendance as well and were very welcoming and open to a chat, whilst the manufacturer stands, Mercedes being a particular soft spot of mine, had a brilliant selection for every visitor to explore and get their order in or dream about for years to come.

Street Circuit

Having the event spread across a long weekend of Friday, Saturday and Sunday has also likely been of great benefit financially for the city and Scotland itself and in my opinion, and for personal satisfaction, makes huge sense to make the Ignition Festival of Motoring a regular yearly event in the calendar. I for one will be itching for the event to start next year, something I feel is one of the best shows to descend upon Glasgow in recent times.

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