Death Machines of London Gives Us The “Up Yours Copper”

Custom making, London based motorcycle company Death Machines of London, have just released the interestingly named Up Yours Copper project. Constructed from the remains of a 2007 Triumph Thruxton and the electrical parts from a World War Two Supermarine Spitfire, I can quite imagine this being the bike you would hurtle into hell on, especially since etched into the side is the quote “faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death”, a nod to the infamous American author and motorcycle fan Dr. Hunter S.Thompson.




Complimenting the amazing parts it is made up of is a sleek Beluga Black finish with a fully customised exhaust that features ceramic pipes, a carbon fibre muffler and copper plated nozzle all of which produce quite the amazing sound indeed. Check out pictures attached of the stunning Up Yours Copper.

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