Audi Has 3-D Printed A Replica 1936 Auto Union Type C

The automotive industry continues to come on in leaps and bounds and none more so than with German manufacturer Audi. The Bavarian kings have just managed to 3-D print a 1:2 scale model replica of the 1936 Auto Union Type C, the famous grand prix car which stamped out Mercedes-Benz dominance in the late 30’s. The car which is an example from Audi’s Toolmaking 3-D Printing system, is constructed of  “sand printed” components which in turn make it stronger than its die-cast and hot-formed equivalents and, from what Audi have said, substantial enough to support the weight of a full grown man. Even though the model replica of the Auto Union Type C is not road legal, it is an exciting indication of what the automotive industry has to offer from the world of metal based 3-D printing.


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