The World of Aurae

When we first heard of the Aurae card, it almost seemed like something of a myth, a fable told to youngsters of what lies ahead in life should they keep their head down and work hard. Turns out it wasn’t a dream at all. The brainchild of Mr Christopher Scanlon and Terrence Thomas, the Aurae lifestyle card is the ultimate expression of individuality, personal success and status.


At a glance you can see this is no ordinary MasterCard. Gold plated it certainly is not either, for the entry level card comes in 14k solid gold, bringing with it a dedicated team from all industry sectors you can think of, in 115 different countries around the world. To give you a brief background of the two founding chaps and their wealth of experience, Christopher Scanlon, a serial entrepreneur, has built and sold four companies in which prior to starting Aurae he was head of Card Limited Corporation (CLC). At this point a eureka moment hit, to deliver and provide a fully bespoke card programme which would celebrate an individuals successes and personality and the rest as the old saying goes is history. His co-founder, Mr Terrence Thomas, brings to the table an unprecedented knowledge gained during an impressive career spanning over two decades and a variety of sectors including financial services, interactive marketing, education, and even a stint as a naval officer. With the help of Mr Terrence’s past experience at two Fortune 500 banks, the por set out to realise their vision of a completely individual lifestyle card program which would be “revolutionary, not evolutionary”.

Aurae Cards with Self Portrait and Bespoke Art

This pioneering spirit is more than evident with just a glance at one of these magnificent cards which is somewhat of a piece of art in itself. Clients can look forward to a completely individual bespoke experience, even when it comes to the decoration of the card itself, with many opting for artwork, coats of arms, and even self portraits which almost gives the impression of having your own currency.

Aurae Lifestyle Cards

Along with your beautifully bespoke 14k Gold MasterCard (typically weighing 43-60g), you can expect the most exclusively individualised service the market has to offer. Each card holders needs are assessed separately to give you ultimate tailored experience. Worry no more about gaining access to the most elite and exclusive events – Aurae have you covered. Along with an elite concierge, personal butler service, luxury goods procurement, negotiated worldwide hotel rates, and exotic car rental. The talented men and women at Aurae literally think of everything. Speaking to us earlier this week, Co-Founder Terrence Thomas gave the example: “Specifically, you may have an entrepreneur with a young family who needs assistance in vacation and travel planning taking into account child activities. We do this. In addition, our best benefit is our ability to procure cost effective private aviation for our clients on pretty short notice.”. In other words,  it’s safe to assume that if you need to be somewhere tomorrow morning, there’ll be a jet fuelled up and ready to go.

Aurae Lifestyle Card

Of course, services like these are hard to come by, and as such are available by invitation only. You may choose from 3 levels of service: Executive, Private, and Elite Lifestyle  each one as comprehensive as the next. Needless to say the higher you go, the more personal the service gets with options of 14k or 18k Yellow or Rose Gold cards, among other benefits.

So, if you fit the bill and need personalised lifestyle service, look no further than Aurae: “Your status and lifestyle demand an enduring symbol of your success. The ancients did it with gold, the modern symbol for success is Aurae.”.

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