Monroe London’s Grooming Products Are Handcrafted Perfection

Monroe London's Skincare Is Handcrafted Perfection

Skin and haircare is something that is massively important to us nowadays and I would say more than ever we are very particular about what we put on ourselves. It is comforting to know then that by using a brand such as Monroe London, you are getting products which were both developed in collaboration with The Harley Street Skin Clinic and meticulously hand crafted using all natural ingredients to deliver not only an incredible end product, but an incredible result when you put them on your skin and hair.

Here at The Gentleman Select I was lucky enough to check out some of the Monroe London products in depth and get a feel for what this great brand is all about.

Monroe London's Skincare Is Handcrafted Perfection

Matte Clay

When it comes to haircare products I have to raise my hand and say I’m possibly the fussiest person out there when making a choice. I will spend ages combing over whats out there for something which isn’t to heavy, doesn’t leave my hair greasy and also takes the irritating poker straight edge off it. This was actually one of the first products from Monroe London I couldn’t wait to try. The 60ml tub is priced at a very reasonable £15.00 in comparison to many other brands out there however whats best about this Matte Clay is what goes into it. It is a melting pot of natural ingredients such as honey which retains the moisture in your hair to prevent it drying out and lemon, orange and lavender oil for which not only does it smell great, but masks your hair with protective, lush antioxidants as well.

Monroe London's Skincare Is Handcrafted Perfection

Another thing I love about the Monroe London Matte Clay is its inclusion of sea salt to create volume and absorb excess oil. This in hindsight will also save you having to fork out on a separate sea salt spray from elsewhere. On a daily basis I found the product very easy to use and apply in which it really didn’t require a great deal to get my hair styled the way I want it.

Cleanse & Shave

One of the best things about the Cleanse & Shave solution from Monroe London, as the name might suggest, is that this is a multi purpose product. Although I’m not one who has a completely clean shave, I do like to regularly tidy the random hairs that appear on both my cheeks and neck area so for me, this is a great product on so many levels. Again its makes the process of shaving and cleansing a heck of a lot more easier, saving you both time and money. You simply lather up a small amount on your hands work into the wet skin, pick up a razor and you can tidy up certain areas or shave it all off. Rinse with some warm water and hey presto, two jobs done at once! All you need to do is follow with a cooling moisturiser and shave balm.

Monroe London's Skincare Is Handcrafted Perfection

When using the Cleanse & Shave solution I really loved the concoction of ingredients and aromas within. Peppermint to help prevent breakouts if you are having a full shave, Glycerine to help both keep the skin supple and deliver the anti-aging hit along with delightful hints of Bergamot and zesty citrus extracts that are wonderful to lifting and zapping your skin back into life during this dull, grey weather. For me this is a cracking all round product and at £30.00 for 100ml, is a must for having in your toiletry bag.

Hydro Spray

Given the time we now live in, it is inevitable you will be spending a large percentage of your day staring at some sort of screen. If you are like me then you will notice come the end of the day your skin is feeling pretty tired and in need of some refreshment. To combat this, my recommendation would be the Monroe London Hydro Spray. Whether you are at work, in the house or even abroad in a hot climate this product works a charm. It is designed to keep your skin hydrated by using such ingredients as green tea, aloe vera and cucumber to bring a really cool and soothing feeling to your face. You can rest assured that along with the afore mentioned, this product is jam packed with incredible ingredients like the others. Thyme extracts to help prevent blemishes and hyper pigmentation, along with Chamomile and Rosemary to boost your skins elasticity, it really does have it all. Integrating this into my regime I found the best time to use it was just after I returned home from work when I was likely at my most tired, and also first thing in the morning for a refreshing wake up call before I moisturised and prepped myself for the day ahead. I can also imagine this will work a charm after a long flight, a situation I can’t wait to try it in. You can pick up the 100ml Hydro Spray for £25.00, one which I would throughly recommend introducing to your grooming regime.

Monroe London's Skincare Is Handcrafted Perfection

For me having tried out a couple of the Monroe London products I was hugely impressed. I really got a feel for the passion and thought which has went into the creation of each one. The fact they are full to the brim with rich, lush, natural ingredients totally adds to the value of what you are buying and at that, they are fantastic value for money indeed. If you have a classic grooming routine of shave, cleanse and moisturise or just looking for excellent hand crafted products then give Monroe London a try. I’am certain you won’t be disappointed.

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