Luxurious Scents From Timeless Candles

For me candles are something which gentleman out there still need to explore much more. Online and in high street shops, there is a good range to choose from, all hailing from various countries in mainland Europe. It is extra special however to have a brand much closer to home, one which offers an incredible varied range of scents guaranteed to warm your home and reinvigorate your senses. I’am of course talking about Timeless Candles.

With an ethos of “Time is Precious, Waste it Wisely”, Timeless Candles was founded by fragrance expert Liana Mullen who incorporated her wealth of experience in the beauty industry into creating these wonderful scents which capture the essence of her Scottish – Italian heritage. When I met up with Liana at the brands pop-up store on Hyndland Road, Glasgow, I got a true feeling of the passion for what she does, creating and delivering incredible scents that do more than just light your living room or bathroom, they create a memorable experience. Whilst walking around the shop, Liana gave me a great insight into the background of each scent and an idea of when each candle and diffuser may be suited, from a hot summers day with fresh fruity notes of Neroli & Lemon, to the warm and cosy Gift Of Christmas with zesty spiced cinnamon, cognac and sweet orange, splendid for a wintery evening by the fire.

After spending a good time indulging and smelling the full range, I decided to try out the Black Plum & Pomegranate candle, one which comes in two lovely glass options, the Black Noir and Ice White and a wonderful variety of sizes from a 230g, to a larger 425g three fuse and the delightfully petite candle set of four, ideal for lining along your bathroom window ledge or bedroom cabinet. Once I had taken the candle home and taken it out the bag, I felt the packaging looked simple and luxurious, neatly tied with a soft little bow. Aside from buying for yourself, Timeless Candles would be lovely gift going on how good this looks. I would be delighted to open it. As soon as you light the candle itself you get that instant scent you have chosen circulating throughout your house. I loved how it was not to over powering, yet strong enough that you can actually still smell the aroma even if you have left and then re-entered some hours later.

In the coming week the new Mia Casa candle will be added to the range, something I can only expect will fly off the shelf so I suggest you get online or down to the shop quick. As Timeless Candles goes from strength to the strength, with a range of scents to suit everybody, you will also likely see them in various boutique hotels across Scotland and I’m certain many more in the not to distant future. A delightful creation by Liana and well worth adding one or two into your home.


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