Leica Reveals Entry-Level M Typ 262

Anyone who knows cameras, even vaguely, knows or has heard of Leica. The Leica M has be adorned by photographers the world over since 1954 and so excitingly, Leica has presented to the world the M Typ 262, the pinnacle and only starter camera to have in your bag. The M Typ 262 is presented as the most compact, full-frame system camera on the market containing that beautiful vintage look yet exceptional tech and image quality Leica users have grown to love. Added to the top is now an aluminium plate which reduces the camera’s weight, with functions like Live View and video capability being discarded in order to bring in a streamlined, photo-centric experience for its user.

Features wise on the Leica you can expect a high-res CMOS full-frame sensor of 24MP, reduced logo size and the introduction of a step at the end of the top plate which harks back to the M9 model. The M Typ 262 will be available from the 25th November and will set you back around £4,000, truly worth it and truly an investment piece.

leica-m-typ-262-2 Rear

leica-m-typ-262-3 Top

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