Introducing Haig Club Clubman

Over at The Gentleman Select HQ, we do love a good old whisky on the rocks, however we are aware of many out there who enjoy mixing this old classic spirit up. That is now why the chaps over at Haig Club have came up with the Clubman. Essentially a blend specifically created to be mixed with coca cola and aimed at putting whisky in front of and on the palate of, the younger generation.

Haig Club Clubman

The Haig Club Clubman will also come in at a lower price point than its premium sibling a, modest £25, intending to “match different occasions and consumer tastes”. To support this bold venture into a market of “mixing whisky” will be a £2.5million media campaign which is set to go out in October, intending to reach around 95% of the British population before the product with on going investment continuing from launch into the key Christmas market period. Global marketing director for Haig Club,Ronan Beirne, stated “We are pleased that Haig Club has helped place grain whisky back on the map and become one of the most talked about whiskies in the world. Out of this success, the time is right to introduce a new edition. Haig Club Clubman will enable us to continue to drive the vibrancy and momentum of the Scotch Whisky category, in line with the brand’s strategy”.

Haig Club Clubman is available in the shops now and is an exciting and different addition to the whisky family in which we are very much looking forward to trying.

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