Ikea’s Space 10 Innovation Lab

Homely simplicity is always the key when you walk into the vast Ikea stores around the world and recently, in Copenhagen, the Swedish homeware giant has given us an insight into what the future modern living may hold, through their very interesting  Space 10 design. The project will look to merge together variants of design based backgrounds from around the world of which each are tasked with investigating a major challenge faced by the modern household, and delivering a truly impactful solution to said problem. Within the creative 1,000 square metre, three floor space there will be everything from workshops, design collaborations and designers in residence, all able to roam the open floor plan to share ideas through a minimalistic work space.

The building and area itself was designed by Copenhagen based architects Spacon & X using yes you guessed it, repurposed Ikea products. Space 10 is currently acting as a “Fresh Living” lab with a primary focus on smarter, healthier lifestyles. It has incorporated 12 designers from the Copenhagen Institute for Interactive Design with cool, quirky ideas like a phone charging table that converts heat into electricty.





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