The Autodromo Group B Watch Is A Flash Of 80’s Rallying

If you are a fan of motorsport and rallying, you will be familiar with the borderline insane days of 80’s rallying, spectators would stand on the track, chasing the best photograph, until the last possible second they had to move. Thankfully the chaps over at Autodromo are not quite as ludicrous, just extremely creative. The Group B Watch is inspired by this holy era of rallying, capturing power, speed and colour, all within a light 52 gram case that can be yours for under¬†¬£660. The watch is constructed from a lightweight titanium case which makes reference to the fiber glass used in the cars of that decade, with its 39mm case sporting bright, luminous style hands and hour markers which hark back to the dashboard dials of one certain Lancia 037 rally car.

The Autodromo Group B Watch is available in a variety of different colours with co-ordinating nylon straps to truly capture the soul and complete madness that was Group B Rally Racing. You can visit for the full collection and some stunning car snap shots to.

Autodromo Group B - Grey & Yellow

Autodromo Group B Rally Case

Autodromo Group B - Blue & Red

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