Selected: The Personal Barber Grooming Kit

Keeping your body, as well as your grooming regime up to a high standard is a must for the man of today, that can however unfortunately mean a little bit of shopping around, picking up the odd razor, moisturiser and face wash as you go. What if you were so busy to shop around however, as many of us are now a days, that you just didn’t have the time. This is were The Personal Barber comes in, a mens monthly subscription grooming box, ready to ease your woes and keep you looking at the top of your game with the highest quality products.

The Personal Barber was created with the idea of making your shaving routine a joyous pleasure instead of a chore. By selecting the best products available in the market and compiling them into a neat little box, they deliver straight to your door, ready to break out and integrate into your grooming regime.

Here at The Gentleman Select I was lucky enough to try a selected range sent by The Personal Barber in which I have decided to go through each product individually. This is of course another brilliant trait of the company, to keep this interesting and varied, once you start your subscription each month you will receive different soaps, aftershave balms, oils and scrubs, something I personally think is wonderful.

To start off I washed my face with some warm water to really open the pores up, in which to fully prepare my skin before shaving I broke out the lovely Scrub Up Detox from #Rehab London. The result of two years research into what men really wanted from their grooming products, it contains volcanic sand from Tahiti and bamboo medula granules, it is gritty and hugely effective at getting deep into the pores of your face for an invigorating pre shave clean.

With my face preped and ready to go I removed the weighty, comfortable solid metal razor from the box and affixed its blade. Specifically in my box these blades were of the Personna Platinum Chrome version, these Israeli made blades, also known as “Israeli Reds”have a sharp, fine edge, perfect for the job in hand. Quite so there is something truly manly about this whole process, taking you away from using a plasticly disposable version out a cellophane packet. With a little bit of practise I was ready to go and began by lathering up with my TWA Burds Soap. This bay rum and tequila scented artisan soap is hand produced in Scotland and smells absolutely incredible, fresh and zesty, it is perfect for shaving with.

After generously applying it on I was ready to go and I must say, very excited by the whole process. I have never actually used a razor before where I have attached the blade. Straight away I felt the strokes made with the razor were slick, smooth and effective. In particular I used it for tidying up the hairs both around my neck area and on my cheeks, brilliant for getting an accurate, defined lines.

After a little bit of time and a throughly enjoyable process, I rinsed the soapy lather from my face with some cold water in order to close my pores, before patting my face dry with a fresh towel. This then left me with the final stage of the process and for this, I reached for the thistle and black pepper moisturiser from the Scottish Fine Soaps Company. Based in Stirlingshire, this family run business has been making incredible skincare products for over 40 years using all natural products. Personally I love this product, it is wonderfully soothing on the skin after shaving in which the rich milk thistle is perfect for keeping the skin hydrated.

For me The Personal Barber Grooming Kit is a fantastic choice for someone who is looking to put the gentlemanly touch on their shaving regime and also try a variety of product along the way. It is an aspect I love, sort of like a male grooming product lottery as to what you are going to find when your next subscription comes through. Whats better still the guys at The Personal Barber are extremely flexible so if for example, you are traveling for an extended time period, then you can cancel the order until you return.  My recommendation is head over to the site now and sign yourself up for an absolutely fantastic grooming service.


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