Selected: 3D Printing Startup D.Sign

It is a known fact that Italy is a hub of creativity and is considered by many, as the home of fashion, art and design. For me it was no surprise then to see an emergence of an outfit like D.Sign, a startup which has a particular focus on 3D printing absolutely stunning, functional objects for purchase.

D.Sign’s aim specifically is to become established and recognised as a leader in the creative and digital industries. They are looking to do this by essentially opening the doors for designers and artists to apply with their concept ideas for which D.Sign will then select the best projects and bring them to life through 3D printing. From here the designers creations will feature in D.Sign’s online catalogue and through their Etsy store for which any sales that do happen the creator will be paid royalties.

Personally from the perspective of someone who attended art school I think this is a wonderful idea. It is a system which allows D.Sign to regularly access a constantly refreshing pool of designers and artists. It works both ways as naturally the emerging creative will gain great publicity in the process along with being paid.

To get an idea of what the final products were like in person, I decided to check out a couple of bracelets from the colourful unisex FLAVIA line. For me this was actually the first time I have held and looked at something which is 3D printed so it was very much a magpie moment as I examined both pieces. What instantly struck me was how light yet robust they were. From concept to print the process takes between 10-15 days to arrive as they do incorporate a level of customisation, however this is a feature I loved as you could incorporate the name of a loved one or friend on the inside if it is a gift idea. On the wrist it is very comfortable to wear and matches up with both casual and smart outfits terrifically.

In my opinion the D.Sign website and their Instagram page is a must visit. They are some truly amazing and very different ideas and concepts by some clearly very talented and creative designers. Not only should you visit to bag yourself a very unique little item but also to keep track of what this exciting Italian studio will do next.

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