SCRUBD All-Natural Goodness

SCRUBD All-Natural Goodness

With the mens grooming market now a multi-billion pound industry, there is certainly no shortage of choice out there, what can be tricky however is finding one which has a primary focus on all-natural products and a passion for old artisanal methods resulting in the creation of the most delightfully fresh mens grooming products I have tried in recent times. I’am of course talking about the newly emerging SCRUBD mens skincare.

To take you back a little, SCRUBD was founded by e-commerce entrepreneur, and soap lover, Mark Helvadjian, who came to his eureka moment when he struggled to find an all-natural soap bar specifically created for men. Being an entrepreneur indeed instead of leaving it there Mark decided to go out and create his own and working alongside artisan soap makers, SCRUBD soap was born. From these small beginnings, the company now has four incredibly lush soaps, from cedarwood & grapefruit, lemongrass & lime, oakmoss & spearmint and the bar I tried, charcoal & black pepper. Each one is triple milled using a method that is over 300 years old resulting in a bar holding its shape longer, and producing a much creamier lather which really unleashes the scents when you use it to wash.

SCRUBD Natural Soap

Of course these brilliant organic products don’t stop there. SCRUBD has also put together a wonderful energising skincare range which I was lucky enough to try out here at The Gentleman Select. A point of note is they come in the most luxurious, weighty glass containers, something I feel really adds value to the product you are buying. Specifically I tried the Energising Face Scrub. The moment you unscrew the lid, a delightful whiff of Peppermint and Bergamot grabs your nostrils, it is extremely refreshing on the face and designed to invigorate your skin along with the Volcanic rock particles for a really deep scrub when your skin becomes a little dull and tired.

SCRUBD Natural Face Scrub

The second product I tried and something you would naturally follow up with after a good face scrub, is the Energising Face Moisturiser. This is ideal for reinvigorating your skin especially in these dark months when there is a distinct lack of vitamin B. Within this face cream is some lovely Argan Oil, Green Tea extract and essential oils and really help to lift your skin and freshen you up in the early mornings before your day begins. I found it delightful to use and also not to heavy on the skin so you don’t get that oily build up on your face as the day progresses.

SCRUBD Natural Moisturiser

In my opinion SCRUBD for men is breath of fresh air for the world of mens grooming. Sourcing and using all-natural vitamins, botanicals and essential oils from around the world, its hard to see why anyone would not want to integrate these into their skincare regime and have them sitting on the bathroom shelf. With a range of incredible soaps, an energising and also anti-ageing range available, I would bet my shoes we have only seen the start of a truly brilliant skincare brand. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as SCRUBD for men launches in Harvey Nichols stores across the U.K this November.

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