Lacoste x Bruno Mars Ricky Regal

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Many performers past and present have given us an alter ego as unforgettable as their music. One which captures their personality and style. Now, Bruno Mars is introducing us to his very own, Ricky Regal, as he collaborates with French fashion giant Lacoste.

The Lacoste x Ricky Regal collection boasts a variety of retro-styled T-shirts, tracksuits, footwear and accessories inspired by Miami nightlife, along with Sixties and Seventies glamour for a truly stylish collection indeed.

Lacoste x Bruno Mars Ricky Regal

Within the collection you will find relaxed fits, oversized shorts and graphic tees that incorporate the iconic Lacoste crocodile logo with a bold, eye-catching “Ricky Regal” font. The classic Lacoste polo also gets an update, with striking new prints, and a dapper velvet version too. Lacoste says the vibe is “everyday sports luxury,” showing off Ricky Regal’s “flamboyant rhythm” and the collection’s “seductive palette of strong colours”. There is everything from tie-dye prints, to deep purples, rich blues and yellows. With the summer weather not far away these pieces really do sound like the ideal accompaniment.

Lacoste says discussions around the partnership started more than two years ago as “conversations amongst mutual friends and colleagues.” From there, the musician started working closely with Lacoste’s creative director, Louise Trotter, on the project, firstly in person at the brand’s Paris headquarters, before COVID restrictions forced their design sessions online. Happily, “much of the foundation was already created from the in-person sessions,” states Lacoste.

Lacoste x Bruno Mars Ricky Regal

It is also clear that Bruno Mars knew from the start how he wanted Ricky Regal to look and feel. “Bruno had a very clear vision of what he wanted this to be and was deeply involved every step of the way, leading the creative process closely with Louise. The dynamic duo complimented and challenged one another in the best way possible.”

“I’ve been very fortunate to have been asked to do collaborations in the past, but it always came with guidelines,” stated Mars, in a press release. “Lacoste was the first and only brand that said, ‘Bruno we want you to make this truly yours.’ The respect of such creative freedom coming from a heritage fashion house was an honor.”

Lacoste x Bruno Mars Ricky Regal

When talking about his new alter ego name, it was pretty straightforward from the star: “When I’m on stage, my name is Bruno Mars,” he says. “When I’m making lavish luxurious garments, I go by Ricky Regal.”

The Lacoste x Ricky Regal collection is made with gender-fluid sizing and styles. In addition to clothing, the collection includes footwear and accessories. Four pairs of crocodile-branded slides and socks, as well as a pair of aviator sunglasses.

Lacoste x Bruno Mars Ricky Regal

The collection is available now online and in select retailers globally. Furthermore if you are lucky enough to be in LA, you can visit the new Lacoste Melrose Place concept store. Here you can immerse yourself in the full custom experience by grabbing a drink and shopping while listening to music curated by Mars himself. “The music is an important component of the Ricky Regal experience,” Lacoste says.


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