If You Need To Carry £1 Million in Cash The SDR 1M Hauly is Your Answer

“The 1M Hauly is designed for the discreet, comfortable carry of up to £1m in used bank notes”. The SDR website says it all really in this statement. Whilst we very much doubt you have found yourself in such a predicament, its safe to say if you are looking to become an accomplished bank robber, or high rolling Las Vegas aficionado, this is the carry bag for you.

The bag is constructed from Cuben Fiber, a material four times stronger than Kevlar yet half the weight, and includes a tough, durable loop which can accommodate a carabiner clip on each side, ideal then for your quick sprint from the bank to a waiting getaway car. Along with the bag itself you can also purchase an accounting kit that provides you with everything you need to make a hefty cash transaction. The 1M Hauly is available from the website now at $220, however if that isn’t going to keep the law off your tail, the Heist version most certainly will. This ultimate bag comes with a removable radio frequency-shielded “Faraday” cage which will reduce the risk of radio tracking by limiting laptop, tablet, phone, GPS and any other electronic device from receiving or emitting RF signals and connecting to other devices or networks. If you are planning on robbing a bank anytime soon then please for goodness sake do it properly and visit www.sdrtraveller.com

Hauly 3

Hauly 4


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