CLAE Launch The Robinson Boot

Recently we have seen a wealth of brands, Moncler being an example of this, who have ventured into the realm of producing a street friendly, everyday hiking boot and wonderfully, L.A based footwear brand CLAE have done the very same, launching an extremely versitile boot in The Robinson. The Hi-Top style boot is made with a neoprene tongue, a robust lacing structure and TPU heel cups that keeps your feet firmly attached to the ground. This all sits upon a light-weight EVA sole which absorbs shock well wether you are out on uneven ground, or merely walking down the high street.

CLAE, which launched in 2001, continues to advance on inovation and product development to deliver stylish and functional footwear for all situations of which The Robinson is another fantastic example of this. Head over to the site now for a look.

The Robinson 1

The Robinson 2

The Robinson 4

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