Caliber Straps Is A Colourful Alternative For Every Watch

Accessories for men and women are growing rapidly now a-days in all forms, shapes and sizes, from necklaces to handbags, and now most recently, watch straps. The latest cool accessory brand to come to our attention then is Caliber Straps, a colourful alternative for any watch, male or female.

The British brand is new to the scene however is growing rapidly in popularity with its vibrant array of colours which completely change the look of any watch you may have. The woven Perlon straps, a nylon material, are easily changeable in which we found they very simply looped through the spring-bars of our watch and boosted the  overall look of the watch beautifully. Comfort wise it was super smooth on the wrist with no discomfort at all in which the strap stayed nice and tight on the wrist.

Through their website you can see some truly bold colours which for us, will only go quicker as the summer comes around, colours which will look fantastic on the beach and even just now brightening up the dull winter months. For us this is the coolest watch accessory out there just now and we thoroughly suggest you check them out now at Caliber Straps.







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