This excites us. Alot. And it should excite you to for the Lamborghini Superveloce V12 Roadster is something very special indeed. Aside from its earth shattering good looks, the SV Roadster will be the fastest series production Lamborghini to date. Introduced at the Pebble Beach Concours just passed, it is everything you expect from a new Lamborghini. Expensive and lets say again, brutally handsome. Further more with the current production of the Bugatti Veyron run dry, this feisty bull will spearhead the Volkswagen Group’s assault on the supercar market for the current time. Lamborghini President and CEO Stephan Winkelmann stated at the press conference ‘‘The Superveloce is the purest, most sports-oriented and fastest series production Lamborghini ever,” he added “The Roadster version represents our commitment to satisfying our passionate clients with immensely emotional driving dynamics combined with an extraordinary open air experience.”


The SV Aventador will sit side by side, with its hard-top sibling, at the top of the Lamborghini tree, housing the same biblical 6.5L, 750 Horsepower V12 engine. In your terms what this means is simply the wildest blow-dry you will ever receive, courtesy of a 0-60mph time of 2.7 seconds, launching you all the way to a blistering 217mph. As all you petrol-heads will know the Superveloce is the stripped out, hardcore line of Lamborghini, with said Aventador packed with weight reducing carbon fibre in which all unnecessary luxuries are removed leaving one product in mind. Performance.

lamborghini aventador sv roadster 3_4rear_open

Along with the SV Roadster, Lamborghini will also be venturing into SUV crossover territory with the Urus, the first in this field since the LM002 in the 80’s, with the aim surely to take the crown of the Porsche Cayenne. On the subject of the SV however, Only 500 hundred of this special car will be produced, with a delicious £340,000 price tag which is sure to tempt the supercar fans with the deepest of pockets when it hits showrooms in early 2016.


Mr Porter is a site we love at The Gentleman Select, other than the amazing pieces, we also adore how they are consistently refreshing with new designers and articles.

Next to crop up then is a series of Japanese labels which encapsulate what is being worn on the streets in the land of the rising sun. Five top labels of Japan are included in this collection exclusive to Mr Porter, Remi Relief, Beams Plus, Beams T, Blackmeans and Neighborhood.

“We know that Japanese brands resonate well with our global customer base” stated Daniel Todd, buyer at Mr Porter. The Blackmeans collection stands out the most taking its designs from a very punk-esque, Sex Pistols style with a heavily studded black leather jacket and and biker trousers, the jacket paired with a white T is a great timeless, versitile piece. The Neighborhood Collection for us touches on the same “gentleman of attitude” persona with a rip-repair denim jacket and jeans.

The Beams Plus collection has its roots cemented in the 1960’s with shirts, shorts and blazers which really capture those chilled out, long summer days in California. We particularly like the navy button down shirt, its very varsity or something Paul Newman would have thrown on after a day racing with a pair of chinos.

Whilst we are on the west coast 60’s era the Remi Relief collection delves into a more free spirit, hippy approach with tie-dye vintage style tees worn by surfers and foundation of denim running through most pieces. The collection is available now from Mr Porter and is well worth a good look.

Key Piece: Blackmeans Studded Leather Biker Jacket £2,700

Available at


On the 13th of May for 12 days the most glamorous film festival on the circuit begins. The inaugural 68th Cannes Film Festival arrives in as always glittering fashion, however whats more exciting for us at The Gentleman Select is the naming of “Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans” in the Cannes Classic Section this month.

The film based around the famous Le Mans 24hr race documents the trials and tribulations of the production that was well documented as being riddled with issues both on and off set, from financial difficulties to corporate politics and disagreements.

By the time Steve McQueen began working on this project in 1970 he was already at his height of fame with such films as “Bullitt”, “The Great Escape” and “The Thomas Crown Affair” on his mantlepiece to name but a few. For McQueen though this project was more personal, it gave him the opportunity to express his passion for racing and all things mechanical through the art of film.

For any fan of motorsport the film itself is a must have in their collection and for any avid McQueen fan, they will understand the passion and realism that he poured into this picture. It had so much attention to detail from McQueen, that some of the cars were reported to have dead flies glued to the bodywork.

What is most exciting about “Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans” is that it features never seen before footage and images taken from basements in L.A and Paris that had been in storage all these years. You should expect it to be like “Senna”, yet with the rogue and un-tameable essence of Steve McQueen thrown in through his voice narating, detailing how he battled tooth and nail to save the film and make it happen.

You can also be sure that the film will stay true as possible to the man himself with Steve’s son Chad McQueen featuring as an executive producer on the film. We simply cant wait to see this, a film which we reckon will really say “Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting”.

Cire Trudon: Josephine Boneparte

It’s not so often we refer to candles in a luxury sense, however we cannot by-pass the release of a new scent from Cire Trudon truely the Rolls Royce of candles.

In a brief history lesson Cire Trudon was candle provider to the royal court of Louis XIV from 1643 and subsequently all great churches in the country of France. Also one Napoleon Bonaparte liked them so they certainly carry an historically important fan base. This then leads me on to their newest wax creation, Joséphine, named after Joséphine Bonaparte herself.

This latest release by the house of Cire Trudon encapsulates the passion Josèphine Bonaparte had for botanicals through the wonderful notes of Iris, Kaffir Lime and Chinese Camellia, scents which Josèphine grew up around on the island of Martinque from 1763.

The Gentleman Select has already experienced Cire Trudon and the beauty of these candles through the Ernesto leather and tobacco, believe me there really isn’t a bad choice, however we are very excited at this new scent which will really drag our noses towards summer time. The pale blue glass has that cool breeze about it and works in harmony with the smells thus creating a lasting aroma which drifts around your home for those long lazy days.

You have packaging which finishes off the look with designs alluding to Pierre-Joseph Redouté, the botanical painter who Josèphine asked to capture those lovely flowers around her. We feel it is an ideal accompaniment for anybody looking to create a unique talking point at a house party or a fragrance to just bask in.

Finish your display off with a vintage glass dome over it for that true 1643 look in which Iam comfident it will not be your last purchase from candlemaker Cire Trudon.

Key Details: Cire Trudon Joséphine Candle. €70 available from Cire Trudon stores.

Like Bike: The Most Glamorous Bike Show on Earth

The super rich principality of Monaco is synonymous with luxury cars and yachts of truly gargantuan proportions however from the 3rd-5th of April a different mode of transport will descend on Monte Carlo in equally spectacular fashion, that of Like Bike. Billed as “the most glamorous bike show on earth” it is a showcase of the most flamboyantly advanced bicycles and accessories available today.

Housed in the glass structure of the Grimaldi Forum, this exhibition is like a vast array of cycling related black projects and here at The Gentleman Select we have highlighted a few pieces,from the innovative and stylish, to the “money is no object” creation of ultimate luxury that you just might fancy adding to your Sunday peddling session.

We kick off with one such bike that would not look out of place on the Monte Carlo circuit, that of the SPA Bicicletto.

SPA being an historic, luxury Italian car company is evident in the sleek, sculptured lines this electric bike offers. It truly is a piece of art on wheels that draws upon motoring, horological and aeronautical shapes with a 36v battery and a “faux” fuel tank that can be used for storage. Made from carbon fibre this exquisite Italian E-Bike is sure to capture its viewers and at £8,975 will certainly sell in a luxury market to anyone with even a hint of style appreciation.

Whilst we always like to look slick on our bikes, safety continues to be of paramount importance. It is wonderful to see advancements in this area which really push the boundaries of what’s possible and nobody has went further than Swedish company Hövding and their airbag helmet.

Developed in collaboration with Alva AB, providers of airbags to the motor industry, this helmet moonlights as a scarf and wouldn’t look out of place on a Milan catwalk. Inflating in 0.1 seconds on heavy impact to cradle your fragile cranium, it even comes with its own black box built in to record 10 seconds of data after an accident. Truly advanced indeed and at a paltry sum of £249 a bargain for such a cool piece of futuristic protection.

Having a show set in Monte Carlo there has to be a showpiece, a bike which is as opulent and luxurious as its surroundings. The Cipollini RB1000 Luxury Edition is that very item then to capture the spotlight.

It is the epitome of functional excess with its monocoque carbon-fibre frame however it is the detail which really sets it apart. Engrained into the Cipollini lettering is platinum, 110 grams to be precise. In the bikes headset it goes further with 40 grams of gold and 17 carats of diamonds. This bike is simply the true essence of Jewellery and technology combined. For us it is an expression of Italy in motion and will set you back a cool £36,280. Ideal for when you are whirring around the streets of Monte Carlo.

Key Points: Like Bike, runs the 3rd-5th April at the Grimaldi Forum.

Lapo’s Garage

Our love for style and all things wonderful derives from many people and objects at The Gentleman Select however there is one such person that always stands out for us. One Lapo Elkann.


The Italian Industrialst, aside from his stunning style sense, is involved in more projects than you can shake a stick at, his talent truely knows no bounds and is evident in his latest project Garage Italia Customs. The Milan based company will specialise in exterior and interior customisation using not only classic techniques of bodywork painting and re-upholstery, but more modern techniques of wrapping and paint wrapping which is seen in Lapo’s own personal camouflage wrapped Ferrari 458.

Most recently Garage Italia Customs revealed the Fiat 500X “Black Tie” at the Geneva Motor Show which had a herringbone pattern wrap and included cashmere trimmed sun-visors and denim seats, a true signature mark of Lapo Elkann indeed.

What makes this project more exciting is the fact Elkann has teamed up with Carlo Borromeo, honing from another highly influential Italian family and acting as creative director. The project is exciting for us because Lapo Elkann always delivers something punchy and different with his flamboyant ideas and dress sense expressed through his work. He carries great motoring lineage with his Fiat history in the family, and himself being creative director to Ferrari. This for me is why this project works and rest assured it will unleash some truely quirky results.

Key Piece: Fiat 500X “Black Tie”.