The Autodromo Group B Watch Is A Flash Of 80’s Rallying

If you are a fan of motorsport and rallying, you will be familiar with the borderline insane days of 80’s rallying, spectators would stand on the track, chasing the best photograph, until the last possible second they had to move. Thankfully the chaps over at Autodromo are not quite as ludicrous, just extremely creative. The Group B Watch is inspired by this holy era of rallying, capturing power, speed and colour, all within a light 52 gram case that can be yours for under £660. The watch is constructed from a lightweight titanium case which makes reference to the fiber glass used in the cars of that decade, with its 39mm case sporting bright, luminous style hands and hour markers which hark back to the dashboard dials of one certain Lancia 037 rally car.

The Autodromo Group B Watch is available in a variety of different colours with co-ordinating nylon straps to truly capture the soul and complete madness that was Group B Rally Racing. You can visit for the full collection and some stunning car snap shots to.

Autodromo Group B - Grey & Yellow

Autodromo Group B Rally Case

Autodromo Group B - Blue & Red

Audi Has 3-D Printed A Replica 1936 Auto Union Type C

The automotive industry continues to come on in leaps and bounds and none more so than with German manufacturer Audi. The Bavarian kings have just managed to 3-D print a 1:2 scale model replica of the 1936 Auto Union Type C, the famous grand prix car which stamped out Mercedes-Benz dominance in the late 30’s. The car which is an example from Audi’s Toolmaking 3-D Printing system, is constructed of  “sand printed” components which in turn make it stronger than its die-cast and hot-formed equivalents and, from what Audi have said, substantial enough to support the weight of a full grown man. Even though the model replica of the Auto Union Type C is not road legal, it is an exciting indication of what the automotive industry has to offer from the world of metal based 3-D printing.


The Guide To Being A Modern Gentleman

Everyday we engage in the relentless pursuit of being the modern gentleman. The pressure to attain this is also multiplied a million times over in todays world where we are heaped with scrutiny in every moment of our daily lives. It is said in the last ten years the number of male grooming brands has quadrupled on which middle aged men spend the equivalent of almost a days wage every month on their grooming regime. For the modern gentleman dressing well today has less of a peacocking aspect, and more showing respect for others whilst developing your own unique sense of style.

The practical options for the modern man, whether it’s launching a new business venture, sampling new cuisines or selecting one of an array of moisturisers, are wider than ever before. But the core ingredients of being a modern gentleman, consideration, respect and self-assured confidence have arguably not changed for over 2,000 years. In conjunction with MINI Clubman and The School of Life, the expert advice of six industry leaders in their sector give us the key factors that define simply “what makes a modern gentleman in 2015?’



With the help of Lee Kynaston, described as one of the UK’s most experienced male grooming experts having spent eight years with Mens Health as grooming editor, he gives us his thoughts and rules to follow to make sure you are always looking tip top. The way men look after their appearance has changed so much over the years, where once a moisturiser might have been thought of as outre, it is now a staple part of every mans grooming regime. The long term aim is to use that confidence that comes with looking good so that you feel completely at home in your own skin.  


“Good grooming is like a magic trick: people should be impressed by the results, but in the dark about how you achieved them. Overdo the fragrance, teeth whiting or eyebrow taming and you just show the world your slight of hand”.


“Many cultures (from the ancient Greeks and Jews to the modern Japanese and Scandinavians) practise bathing as a ritual. Hot water is relaxing, yet invigorating like little else – that’s why some of our best thoughts can come to us in the shower. But take the time out from here on in to really ‘be’ in the shower, to quell the monkey mind and to really feel the water on your skin and the scent of the products you use. It’s not just the female of the species that’s worth it.



John-Paul Flintoff: writer, performer, and coach has very kindly agreed to share his insight on what it means to be an entrepreneur in 2015. After his impressive 15 year writing career with The Financial Times and The Sunday Times, John-Paul has since published books worldwide in some 14 languages. As you’ll hear over and over again, it has everything to do with attitude and work ethic. The modern entrepreneur doesn’t have to be wealthy, famous, or particularly prone to taking huge risks. The modern entrepreneur is in the business of providing solutions. Having identified an opportunity, the entrepreneur sets aside their fear of failure, identifies solutions, and uses set-backs and objections positively and constructively to modify their solution accordingly. And lastly, it’s important for a modern entrepreneur to share their solution with others. Essentially, the entrepreneur exists to improve the lives of others, and must do so by sharing their solution with as many people as possible. As we all know so well, in this digital age sharing is easier than ever, and sharing = profit.


“What sorts the men from the boys is how far they embrace risk and the inevitable brushes with failure that risk entails. Problems and pains are your best feedback when it comes to refining and improving your ideas. Pinpoint something in your recent past that went wrong. A relationship? A conversation? A work project? What you learn will mean that whatever the short-term verdict, the risk you embraced will pay off in the long run.”


“Thinking like an entrepreneur requires not holding on stubbornly when circumstances change. Agility means choosing the things in your life (from our skills and mindset to bags and cars) for their adaptability and agility as well.”


“Sometimes, to move forward, you just need to stop. Modern life is so busy we forget to think, but time is often the best brain food. You need it to keep evolving, innovating and improving, and the most successful people in the world are the ones who find a way to fit solitary thinking into their day. Have thirty minutes of time out per day.”



The world of fashion can often be overwhelming. It’s dynamic and fast paced, and the never ending race to create new looks and leave many of us feeling out of touch fairly quickly. Samantha Clarke is a therapist and brand educator, and currently runs a class on “Dressing Well” at The School of Life, and works daily to educate people about the importance of clothing and confidence. Samantha believes that “confidence in your ‘own look’ is essential in a crowded and busy world: it implies efficiency but without any loss of grace”. Having your own authentic style is a powerful attribute indeed, and as Mark Twain once remarked: ‘Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.’


“You’ve heard before that finding timeless classics is important – even if it’s a bit more expensive. This is true, but remember that doesn’t just have to do with money but also patience, thoughtfulness and ethics. Classic fashion means shopping consciously. Take the time to concentrate on timeless materials, fit and construction that are in harmony with your body and mind.”


“Your wardrobe should reflect a style that truly reflects you, so continuously detox items and clutter that do not serve you. Once you’ve written your manifesto, purge a section of your wardrobe ruthlessly. Think of it as a wardrobe workout, and lose the flab.”


“At its best, your style should be instinctive. The designs and brands you choose are a message to others about who you are and what you value. When you know your style and shun the trendy fluctuations, you stand out as a leader. So go with your gut instinct, don’t self-censor. Eccentric quirkiness is a great British tradition.”


David Waters, a men’s lifestyle journalist for UK and international newspapers and magazines, argues that a healthy body and healthy mind are often one in the same, or at the very least go hand in hand. Many men nowadays appreciate the close relationship between a healthy body and a healthy mind and how you treat one undoubtedly affects the other. Some even go so far as to argue that exercise is the new religion. This may be a tad exaggerated, but it does highlight the importance of physical fitness and the role it plays in your life as a whole.


“Playing sport doesn’t just build muscle and lung capacity. It helps you to refine your ability to strategise and practise collaboration and fair play. By observing your knee-jerk emotions and choosing to respond rather than react, you can change your behaviour on and off the field, court or mat.”


“It seems odd that we often stand on the escalator on the way to a gym class. Exercise begins the moment you get up in the morning. The ‘active living’ movement helps us to understand this. Man was never meant to be sedentary. Walking up the stairs, washing the car, and having sex can all increase our fitness without a sweaty gym bag in sight.”


The days of eating for sustenance are long gone. Gentlemen today are expected to enjoy and be enthused by their food, not when eating, but when cooking. Jenny Linford is perhaps the only person qualified enough to advise us on the rules of a modern gentleman’s attitude towards food. As a freelance food writer, member of the Guild of Food Writers, and author of fifteen books on food and drink, Jenny is the authority on the fast-changing and innovative world of food fashions, and teaches us how to embrace new culinary experiences with effortless sophistication.


“The philosopher Epicurus refused to eat any meal unless he had friends around to share it. Indeed, the word ‘companionship’ comes from the two words ‘com’ (with) and ‘pain’ (bread). Too many of us eat alone, and by doing so we take away one of the greatest aspects of mealtimes. Sharing food with good company and taking time to relish it is one of life’s simple but profound pleasures.”


“Many of the best restaurants don’t have lengthy menus because they recognise the value in perfecting a small range of dishes. Great chefs understand the satisfaction of working on a signature dish, tweaking it until it reaches perfection. Choose a dish that you can experiment with in the kitchen and enjoy ‘perfecting’ it.”


“For many of us, our busy lives mean that we have fewer and fewer opportunities to engage in creative pursuits. Make dining interesting. Drive to new places, go a little further afield. Cultivate an open-minded, adventurous approach to eating and drinking, and dine out differently once a fortnight. The world is your oyster/razor clam/cockle.”


David Baker, who teaches “How to Balance Work with Life” and “How to Travel” at The School of Life has had his work appear in numerous publications globally, and is now schooling us on the art of Travel and Leisure. David tells us to rethink of our ‘time off’ as ‘time on’, and make the most of our leisure. The modern gentleman doesn’t immerse himself in other projects which soon become a second job, he weaves exploration into the fabric of his everyday life, every day venturing further from his comfort zone in his own subtle but thrilling way. The modern gentleman consistently seeks out new ways to feel alive, no matter how small.


“Make a list of things you’d never think of doing. It might be learning to tango, trying wild swimming or something simple like going to the cinema on your own. Try one out one weekend. Cut loose from the invisible chains of habits, and break out of your comfort zone.

• Go somewhere new in your local area

• Go on holiday, but don’t have a plan other than to explore

• Change your route to work”


“While museums, theatre and art-house cinemas offer cultural enrichment, there are plenty more options. Ask a friend from a different culture to teach you how to cook a traditional dish, research online and go to a lecture or explore a new musical genre.”


“Smartphones can make us spectators in our own lives, never truly immersed in the moment. If you want a picture to remember things by, put your phone down and create one later from your own efforts. (You don’t have to hang it on the wall.)”

So what does it really mean to be a gentleman in 2015? It isn’t any one or even all of these rules. It’s easy to follow rules, especially in our increasingly digital world full of trends and pressure to walk, talk, and act a certain way, but perhaps the most valuable commodity a gentleman can have is his identity. In the words of the late Steve Jobs; “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

Visit The School of Life website at and the MINI website itself at

Fangio’s Ferrari 290MM comes to auction

In an ever evolving modern world of technology its nice sometimes to be reminded of mans past endeavours. There’s also few better in a motoring sense, uttered on the same line, as Juan Manuel Fangio, and Ferrari. Fangio was a master on the circuit, winning a wealth of grand prix and sports car races in a variety of great cars, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and of course Ferrari. What we see here then is the exact car Enzo Ferrari built for Fangio to ply his trade in and even better, its going up for auction where it is expected to fetch a monumental $28 million.


This car specifically is a 1956 Ferrari 290MM, chassis number 0626, which was constructed for Fangio to compete in the Mille Miglia. In his last competitive run in 1000 mile race through Italy before it was stopped the following year, Juan Manuel Fangio would finish 4th, however the journey of this legendary Ferrari 290mm would not finish there. It would go on to race at the Nurnburgring under Phil Hill, with Alfonso de Portago at the Rouen Grand Prix and saw Wolfgang von Trips win the Buenos Aires 1000km in 1957 at the start of his career. Subsequently performances like this from the 290MM helped Ferrari win the manufacturers title in 1956 and 1957.


What makes this car even more special is it was only 1 of 4 ever built, and even better that chassis 0626 went all that time with not an accident to its name. A flawless record of service. Since then it has spent its time, with is brutally beautiful 3.5l v12 engine, bubble wrapped in the hands of many a collector. It has spent 34 years in the Mas du Clos Collection of Pierre Bardinon before its current owner opting to place it up for auction on December 10th at RM Sothebys “Drive by Disruption” in New York. Should the car reach or exceed its $28 million estimate, it will become the most valuable car ever sold by the auction house, surpassing the previous record set by a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 NART Spider which sold in 2013 for $27.5 million.


If you are in the New York area on the date do check it out, there is some equally unique examples of automotive perfection to see along with this Ferrari, cars such as 1962 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato with a $16 million estimate and a $3 million Lamborghini concept S. Just be sure to take your check book.

Bentley Races The Saudi Desert Train

We at The Gentleman Select love a feat of endurance and those who attempt “the impossible”. Eighty five years ago three time Le Mans winner captain Woolf Barnato, the namesake of a recent Bentley concept car and Breitling watch, accepted a wager that not only could he beat the Calais-mediterranee from Cannes to Calais in his Bentley, but that he could also be back at his club in London before the train even reached the English Channel. Unfortunately he didn’t attempt the latter part however the wager itself to Calais he won, and with 4 minutes to spare as well.

Bentley's Desert Train race-4

Now fast forward to the present day and a scene which involved Bentley Team-M driver Steven Kane, the new Bentley Continental GT V8 S Convertible and the passion to reinvigorate and commemorate the legendary Bentley “Blue Train” run of 1930 with an intense 4 hour and 14 minute race against Saudi Arabia’s only desert passenger train. The Dune train takes a 480km route from Riyadh, deep through the Arabian desert, to Dammam on the Arabian gulf.

Bentley's Desert Train race-2

The new Continental GT V8 S raced this special locomotive on August 15th this year were during the challenge, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was the hottest place on earth. Belting its way across the barren, scorched landscape, Steven and the car won with 6 minutes to spare, a wonderful achievement and a special car indeed.

Bentley's Desert Train race

Steven Kane of Bentley Team-M stated: “Four hours is the same time as a stint at Le Mans.  But this was far more stressful. The heat, the conditions, not knowing where the train was, while driving within the limits of the country’s regulations.   It was a race like no other. I hope Barnato would be proud.”

We tip the rim of our trilby hat to Steven and the chaps at Bentley on their awesome achievement.

BMW Unveils Oktoberfest Themed M3

With Oktoberfest in full swing, we have something which will wet your appetite besides a refreshing beer, so don your lederhosen and roll out a few kegs as BMW have unveiled a wonderful BMW M3 Oktoberfest themed car, in conjunction with the worlds biggest beer festival that is currently in full swing.


Of course we must mention this is not the first time we have seen a BMW Oktoberfest themed car. We can leap back to 1981 were at the time, Munich restauranteurs were financing and promoting a BMW M1, the legendary car designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and co-developed with Lamborghini, to compete in the Le Mans 24hr race. The designs on this car were hand painted showing local restaurants whom were sponsoring the project, to historical figures and the recognised white and blue cord, even the BMW factory itself made an appearance.


Beautifully this has been carried on to the latest BMW M3 project, seen again is the blue and white cord, Munich landmarks such at the Olympic stadium, the quintessential beer tent, even the Frauenkirche has its place on the body work, all wonderfully hand decorated by Walter Maurer, the original artist for the M1 project and practitioner of Cubism and Expressionism in Germany.


The festival itself runs until the 4th of October were the one off masterpiece BMW M3 “Munchner Wirte”  is on display at BMW Welt in Munich for all you lucky folks traveling over there to go and see. We trust however you don’t need any other reason to hop along and try some of the finest beers the world has to offer.

Rolls Royce Reveals Bespoke “Wraith-History of Rugby”

In the spirit of Rugby, and in correlation with the current Rugby World Cup on the go, a unique creation from the Rolls-Royce bespoke studio in Goodwood has came to our attention, the beautiful Rolls-Royce “Wraith-History of Rugby”. A department which is usually tasked with reflecting the far out dreams and requests of elite individuals through the car that they drive, Rolls-Royce’s bespoke team has drawn on the vast history of this age old English game to create a truly unique car which celebrates England’s attachment to the game of Rugby and the individuality we see in both this, and a great automotive legend.


Many of the design features found within the Rolls-Royce “Wraith-History of Rugby” will ring a bell with the regular followers of English rugby, and whom also know their history on the traditional old rugby school. The exterior paint scheme of white pays homage to the white shirt worn both at rugby school and by the England rugby team to this very day. These historical references continue to be beautifully integrated with the iconic red rose. An evocative feature in English rugby since 1871, Rolls-Royce continues its reputation for hand-crafted personalisation with the cars shoulder line accentuated by a hand-applied coachline in green, with the stand out rose motif in red, something rugby founder William Webb Ellis would certainly give the thumbs up. The exterior is wonderfully capped of with 21″ five spoke alloy wheels to remind us this car is still a beast underneath.


Arguably the most recognisable symbol of English rugby, the rose, has been beautifully integrated within the exterior of the car to. Each headrest features an embroidered red rose, with the Hotspur Red continuing onto the dashboard accent panel, seat and door piping. Sharp piano black veneer features on the dashboard in which the centre panel is delicately inlaid with the English rose.


An interesting feature which we love at The Gentleman Select is how the legendary Rolls-Royce leather has went beyond the “Wraith-History of Rugby”. Gilbert, the iconic maker of rugby balls, has produced a limited number of rugby balls to mark this unique creation. Using the same interior seashell and Red Hotspur leather, each ball has been embroidered by the talented chaps at Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, with the red rose on one panel and Rolls-Royce motif on the other. James Crichton, the regional director for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Europe said “This truly unique Wraith emphasises vision and individuality, inspired by the role it plays within a team. While the game of rugby may have been inspired by the act of one individual, it is one of the world’s most popular team sports. In a similar vein, this one car represents the efforts of the team of engineers and craftspeople working at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, producing the most individual motor cars in the world.”


In an honest opinion this is a statement we wholeheartedly agree with. Creating bespoke visions is what Rolls-Royce do best and through the “Wraith-History of Rugby” the designers and craftsmen at the studio in Goodwood have both drawn inspiration from and captured the true essence of the game of rugby, integrating it seamlessly into one of the most beautiful cars of our current time, the Rolls-Royce Wraith.


Porsche Reveals Mission E Concept

Recently in the E-Motoring world Tesla has ruled the highways, however yesterday a very familiar automotive brand stepped up to the plate with possible competition.


In the run up to the Frankfurt motor show starting today, Porsche revealed its concept which packs a tasty 600bhp aimed at tackling that of Tesla’s Model S dominance. ” The Mission E concept shows what Porsche is capable of in terms of electric mobility,” a Porsche spokesperson stated.  He continued “What you see in the Mission E is a reflection of what you could expect from Porsche in the next generation or two of cars.” These expectations are then exciting indeed with the Mission E powered by a pair of electric motors similar to that of Porsches 919 Le Mans cars. Figures wise along with its 600bhp, the car should deliver a range of 310 miles, a nice 10 miles more than that of the Tesla S. As an overview the pair square up very similar with the Tesla Model S P90D’s Ludacris Mode producing 763bhp and a 0-60mph time of 2.8 seconds to the Porsche’s proposed 3.5 seconds.

porsche-mission-e 2

From its 800-volt charging port, Porsche has said the car can reach 80% charge in only 15 minutes, dubbed “Porsche turbo charging” by the company. Figuratively again, the Tesla is similar with a 400v supercharger which can power it to 80% charge in around 30 minutes.

Within the Mission E cabin, it is quintessential Porsche indeed, seating for four and very much a minimalist set-up in true car of the future fashion. However the technology which is housed in the cabin is truly astounding and radical, pushing the Porsche very much ahead of the Tesla. According to Porsche the controls within the car are operated by the drivers eye-tracking and gesture control, this is done through the use of cameras to sense the movement of your eyes and arms to adjust the controls relative to the drivers behaviour.  If that doesn’t wet your tech appetite then there’s more, Porsche also states that part of the Mission E’s interior will be controlled through projected holograms. Truly spectacular.


Outwith the cockpit, visually the Mission E is one of the most impressive Porsche’s to date, much more sleek and nimble looking than the Panamera, Porsches first attempt at the family car. It almost has an essence of 911 through it, seen in the tail end, a shape which has been around since the dawn of time.


As stunning and fantastic as it is, the Mission E is still only a concept car. What we love about it at The Gentleman Select is how it ignites that childhood, wall poster car imagination but throws in some space ship-esq technology along the way. What Porsche can’t guarantee is whether the Mission E will ever see production however if it does, we can expect it to hit showrooms around 2019 with a price tag of… well lets just say we should start saving now.


A Look at the New Bentley Bentayga SUV


Bentley this week revealed the information of their all new “sector defining” SUV: The Bentayga. The result of £840m investment made by Bentley since 2014, the Bentayga is undoubtedly the sector-defining car it claims to be. At the heart of each Bentayga, is a mighty twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre W12 engine providing a staggering 600bhp and 900Nm of torque. What this translates to is a 4.0 second 0-60 time, a top speed of 187mph, making the Bentayga the fastest and most powerful SUV in the world.


Alongside the awesome power of the mighty Bentayga, a Bentley wouldn’t be a Bentley without exuding the best in modern British luxury. With 15 luxurious carpet options, seven different handcrafted veneers and 15 choices of interior trim hide, personalising your new Bentley couldn’t be easier! If you’re looking for a ready-made option, Bentley have countless lifestyle orientated packages including a package specifically geared for those who fancy some water sports, with a Load-Assist Tray and Wet Gear Stowage options.  Or if you’re not the water sports type, an  integrated Mulliner Hamper Set, complete with cooler, bespoke fine Linley china cutlery, crockery and crystal glass, and storage area for dry goods is also available. For the ultimate luxury in the great outdoors, sections of the hamper can be removed and used as seating.


Perhaps our favourte addition to the new Bentayga, however, is the incredible Mulliner Tourbillion Dash Clock by Breitling – it’s important to note that Tourbillion watches typically retail for upwards of £50,000! A mechanical instrument like this is not often found in modern day vehicles, however the Bentley Bentayga has a dedicated winding mechanism to wind your tourbillion as you drive. This incredible bespoke option is available in both white and rose gold and with the choice of either white mother-of-pearl or ebony diamond dial.


What’s more appealing is the fact that this mind-blowing feat of engineering is designed, engineered, and hand-crafted in Crewe, UK. And unlike many modern SUVs, the Bentayga is just as fun on rough terrain as it is on the open road. The development programme itself spanned an impressive five continents, making the Bentayga just as powerful and efficient on the muddy fields of Cheshire as it is on the dirt and gravel of South Africa, or even in the -30°C conditions of the Frozen North Cape.


Chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors, Wolfgang Dürheimer, comments: “The Bentayga is truly the Bentley of SUVs. It redefines luxury in the SUV sector and offers a genuine Bentley experience in any environment, thanks to a combination of unparalleled attention to detail, go-anywhere ability and cutting-edge technology.”.

We’d have to agree.


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The Science of Speed

Theres nothing we love more than a bit of science and motoring mixed together, so here, courtesy of our friends over at MINI and the University of Portsmouth, we have put together a little bit of fun education for you on The Science of Speed.

Science of Speed Infographic

The universities tests saw that driving a more powerful car engaged a more dramatic physical response than riding a rollercoaster and even jumping out of a plane. Using the new MINI John Cooper Works, which we tested a few months back, scientists from the university of Portsmouth’s Sport and Exercise Science department ran a series of psychological, physiological and physical tests to measure the effects a car had on a select amount of drivers and one particular stunt driver, Niki Faulkner of Rush and Mission Impossible Rouge Nation fame.

Planting their foot to the floor round the iconic Goodwood Motor Circuit, the drivers self recorded anxiety levels increased by a massive 370 percent from a rest rate, whilst the average heart rate increased 100 percent to 180 beats per minute, to put it in perspective, this is an increase of nearly four times that reported from watching the horror film The Shining or even leaping from a plane, which has been recorded at 170 beats per minute. Even more so driving the new MINI John Cooper Works could even provoke more excitement than proposing to a girlfriend. However we highly recommend you don’t admit to that one.

It is a fantastic little drive indeed and comes with some interesting statistics indeed. If you fancy sampling it for yourself, we suggest hopping down to your nearest MINI dealership for a test drive.