The Safer, Stronger, Smarter Vozz Helmet

Motorcylists the world over will be rejoicing at the new Vozz helmet, a design which simplifies the most crucial piece of bikewear as we know it. We are sure many bikers can relate to the trials and tribulations of putting on a helmet, getting the positioning correct and fixing your ears so they are not squashed being just a few. Fantastically the Vozz helmet does away with all that whilst still delivering top notch comfort and safety to.

This all works brilliantly through a hinge featured on the crown which allows you to put the helmet on from the front instead of the top, better still, because you are not putting your head through an opening in the bottom, you can tailor the size of the helmet more accurately, with three helmet sizes, three EPS liners and numerous comfort liners available.

Our favourite feature here at The Gentleman Select is one which might just save your life. In the most life threatening of situations you can find paramedics losing crucial time, trying to get the helmet off with various cutting devices, the beauty of the Vozz helmet is the emergency services could quickly un-hinge it at the top, freeing said injured persons head with minimal movement. The Vozz helmet is also fully compliant with ISO and most global regulations, read more about it at the website.

Vozz helmet



Volvo LifePaint Aims To Save Lives

Swedish automotive safety merchants Volvo are always on the ball when it comes to finding new ways to reach their goal of stopping any of their cars killing or injuring people by 2020 and this latest innovation is a huge leap towards that. LifePaint is primarily designed for night-time cycling and is made up of a water based spray paint which is invisible during the day and extremely visible at night time as it catches the glare of headlights. It is versatile for using on a variety of surfaces however will work best on fabric, for which you can apply it to helmets, children’s backpacks, clothing, shoes, even dog leads for night time dog walkers.

LifePaint once applied will last best up to about seven days were you can then wash it off, with no damage to the fabric, and re-apply as you wish. At this stage the paint is still in a development phase however it is available from Volvo dealerships and we hope much further afield very very soon. Check out the video below for the full details.


Harry Hunt And MINI Set For Dakar Rally

On January the 2nd we will see the 37th running of the epic and brutal Dakar rally, the pinnacle of any drivers rallying career and certainly the most challenging. The 2016 event will span a greulling 9332 killometres across South America through Argentina and Bolivia with 354 competitors taking part.

As you may or may not know the Dakar rally was orginally founded as the Paris-Dakar rally in 1978 and would journey through Africa to Senegal, however since the world has became unfortunately much less safe, the location of the rally was changed in 2009 to South America. At its highest point across the deserts and mountains the drivers will reach 4,900 metres, just 400 metres or so lower than Everest base camp, a challenge then for even the most experienced of drivers, such as this years entrants 9 time WRC champion Sebastian Loeb and Mikko Hirvonen, a 13-time event winner.

What we are most excited about however is the entrance of our very own Harry Hunt. The 27 year old former rally driver has ventured into a competition where experience tends to be key and many drivers embark on such a feat towards the end of their career however Harry has plenty of credentials backing him. He won the 2012 Intercontinental Rally Challenge two-wheel-drive Cup. In that same year, he won his class by 13 minutes on the final round of the championship bringing him now to his main focus of winning a long-distance rally like the Dakar, and away from “stage” rallying which he has been so dominant in.

To win such an endurance rally like the Dakar of course you need an excellent machine to accompany an excellent driver, and that is were the MINI All4 comes in. MINI of course has won the Dakar the last 4 years in a row, most recently with Qatar driver Nasser Al-Attiyah and navigator Matthieu Baumel at the helm so we should be in no doubt the vehicle has the means to get him there. Harry’s biggest obstacle perhaps will not be the mechanical beast which he pilots however, but the searing temperatures he faces, frequently reaching 60c in the cockpit throughout the rally and will see him burn an astonishing 66,300 calories for the entire journey. Harry has been preparing for this test in a variety of ways, doing 50 minute cycling sessions in a heat chamber at St Mary’s University in London, which you can see below, and also competiting in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge and the Rallye Oillibya du Maroc in late 2015 to give himself the best acclimatization possible before the race begins.

As we hurtle towards what is sure to be a truly epic race, we were lucky enough to get an insight into the five things Harry simply can’t live without for Dakar 2016.

1.  Racing kit

“It seems pretty obvious, but the most important thing I’ll be packing for Dakar 2016 is my racing kit. This comprises of the all-important helmet, which not only protects my head but also allows me to communicate with my co-driver Andy Schulz via the intercom throughout the race. There is also my Walero fireproof underwear, which should the worst happen, will protect my tender bits for as long as I need to get out of the car. Then there’s my Union Jack race-suit, and my fireproof shoes and gloves. The kit’s designed to be lightweight but I still sweat a lot: it’s like wearing thick woolly pyjamas! It’s all vital equipment though: I simply couldn’t compete without it.”

2.  Headphones

“It can be quite noisy at night in the bivouac so I’ll be packing noise cancelling headphones. We only get a few hours sleep a night during Dakar so I need to make every minute count so headphones are essential for that.”

3.  Sleeping bag

“For the endurance stage of Dakar we set up camp next to the car. We will have driven around 1000 kilometres. A few hours sleep will be essential, so I’ll be packing a comfortable sleeping bag. When they ran Dakar in Africa, apparently you used to be kept awake by lions roaring at night. Now I think it’s just snoring that keeps everyone awake!”

4.  Sat phone

“We aren’t allowed any form of GPS device in the car so that rules out my phone and watch so an essential piece of kit will be the sat phone. We will use this to communicate with the team to relay information about the car, and it will be really important should we get into trouble. My co-driver Andy is the master of operating bits of kit like that…”

5.  Sun tan lotion

“Much of my time will be spent in the car during Dakar where the cabin temperature can reach up to 50 degrees centigrade. But for those occasions where I’m in the sun, I’ll certainly be putting on some SPF 30. In South America it’s the height of the summer: driving on the Dakar is tough enough as it is, without adding sunburn into the mix.”

Keep tabs on Harry Hunt’s journey to Dakar through @harryhuntdakar


Petrolified Release Stunning Collection Of Motoring Prints

Petrolheads around the world will be rubbing their grease and oil covered mittens together with the news that Petrolified have released their latest line of prints entitled “The Originals”. The collection features iconic automobiles built throughout the 20th century, a tribute if you will to some of the greatest supercars which have graced our roads and many a bedroom and garage wall.

As with many of the prints from Petrolified they display a clean, slick and minimalistic look with each printed in detail on the poster in vibrant eye catching colour. Even if you know your cars or not, you will undoubtedly recognise many of these stunning cars of yester-years, the Ferrari Testarossa, Lamborghini Muira and Jaguar XJ220 to name but a few.

Head over to the Petrolified site now for a full look at the stunning collection of motoring prints.








If The Car Is Out-with Your Budget, Then Get A Tesla iPhone Case

Elon Musk and his futuristic innovators at Tesla have been busy bee’s recently, now venturing into the realm of lifestyle accessories with alpaca scarfs and what have you. Yes alpaca scarfs. This latest addition however is not to off the wall, and will hugely appeal to the masses, the Tesla iPhone case. With the Tesla S model growing rapidly in popularity, and dominating the electric motoring world, production is now at over 50,000 cars per year. The result of this is more materials and more scrap, odds and ends cuttings, like leather for example. Not one to be wasteful, Tesla have used said spare leather cuttings from the cars interiors for all the leather cases and at reasonable £30 per case, it isn’t so bad considering it is made from the interior of a luxury car.

The cases are available in black, with the sleeve version being available in black, grey and beige. For the adventurous person you should choose the version with card holder slots, capable of protecting against RIFD readers. What will Mr Musk think of next. Check them out at Verge.

Tesla Case 3

Tesla Case 2

Tesla Case 5


The Rolls-Royce Of Cocktail Hampers

For those of you who fancy a bit more than a run of the mill glass of champagne, Rolls-Royce have created the ultimate hamper to accompany you on those leisurely Sunday jonts.


As you’d imagine, this is no ordinary hamper – it’s beautifully hand crafted from American Walnut and the finest Natural Grain Leather that adorn the interior of Rolls Royce cars. For the creation of the Hamper, Rolls-Royce consulted with experts from Dorchester Collection’s London Hotels, The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane, to ensure it is perfectly appointed to cater for a vast selection of classic and contemporary cocktails.


Along with all the utensils, the glassware is handmade, and takes an incredible four weeks to manufacture. The glassware is made by Europe’s finest glassmaker, Theresienthal, and the rims of each glass have been finished in platinum. Among the beautifully handmade glassware, you’ll also find a cocktail shaker, ice bucket and tongs, a bottle opener, knife, 2 sharing plates for serving canopés, cotton napkins, a stirring spoon, and a glass serving tray among loads more.


You can secure one of the fifteen Hampers being made at any of the car manufacturers 130 worldwide agencies for a whopping £26, 366.

Experience Porsche This Christmas

We hope you are all organised for christmas here at The Gentleman Select however if not, we have the perfect solution to your gifting problems, just in the nick of time. Recently we were lucky enough to take a trip down to the incredible Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone for a complete, adrenaline filled day, and we are most pleased to say you, or a loved one, can do the very same this christmas.

Personally we recommend flying into Birmingham airport in which form there, you will have a short 45 minute jaunt to the Porsche Experience centre located at Silverstone race circuit, specifically at Hangar Straight for you race nuts. Within this compound you will find a petrol fuelled playground like no other, a multitude of purpose built off-road tracks which will show the true prowess of the Porsche Cayenne, to a variety of skid pans with ice mimicking paint and mechanical panels to purposely throw your car into a skid. Remember quick hands now. All in the area includes a superb balance of straights and bends to show you just how good any Porsche can be in a wealth of situations. My choice starting would be the Boxter Driving Experience starting at £295, it will give you both a great feel of just how much this car has evolved into spyder format, and should the track be a little dicey, its your most friendly option for hugging the track. If you are feeling adventurous then go full on with the RS Experience from £445, we tested the 2015 911 GT3 RS and it is without doubt the most brutal, savage Porsche to date. Pure motoring heaven that will leave your toes and fingers tingling once you release the wheel.

For the fitness focused person there is also the Human Performance Centre within the building itself, a tech savvy gym which has some incredible performance programmes to try. Our favourite, from £95, is the Heat Acclimation Chamber, available from 1-5 sessions and used by the likes of Moto GP winner Bradley Smith, it can replicate the heat up to 45c, the biggest physical challenge many athletes face in a variety of sports.

Leaving the Porsche Experience Centre, In our opinion, it is the most wonderfully equipped facility publicly available and lets you pick something very tailored to the lucky recipients interests.  It really did leave a lasting impression and a wanting for more. If you are after that extra special gift, head over to the site now.

RP - GT3 RS-25

RP - Boxster Spyder-71

RP - GT4-18


The Italian Job Lamborghini Is Up For Sale

Any film or car nut will recall the opening scene to the 1969 film The Italian Job starring Michael Caine. A rasping Lamborghini tearing its way through the Italian Alps to the sound of Matt Monroe. Wonderfully the iconic orange Lamborghini Miura made famous in the opening sequence has now been put up for sale, in which it is expected to fetch in the region of £1 million.

Aside from having a completely new engine installed in 2011, due to the fact the previous had a hair line crack in the block, the car is identical in every piece to the original which was made in 1968. The legendary Miura has a transverse mounted  3,929 cc V12 under the bonnet, producing 345bhp in the process. Currently the car is being sold by Cheshire Classic Cars were it still has the original Arancio orange and ice white leather interior, all be it this was refreshed during the period of the new engine installation, however fear not as you can also purchase the removed old engine block with the car for display purposes in your collection.

With only 5 previous owners and a minimal 11,000 miles on the clock, you can expect this car to sell quickly and for big bucks, with or without its historic star studded attachment.

lamborghini miura italian job 2

lamborghini miura italian job 3

lamborghini miura italian job 4


The Super Light Super Fast Zenos E10 R

Speed equals fun. Not the most scientific of equations but certainly one of truth. The Zenos E10 R carries this in abundance thanks to a minimalistic and crazy low weight of only 1,500 pounds, yet is powered by a 2.3 litre four cylinder Ford EcoBoost turbo charged engine. In figure terms this will deliver an insane 350bhp and 349 pound-feet of torque which will launch you to 60mph in a face melting time, no windscreen obviously, of just 3 seconds, in fact the car itself is one of the very few to enter the elitist club of 500bhp per-ton. Annoyingly the car is only for track use, however with a price of around £40,000 and a performance which laughs in the face of many an Italian giant, why would you not want to invest in this ultimate track day trump card.




“Carspring” The Future Of The Used Car Market

In todays world everything is getting a modern day re-vamp. Everything and anything can be done online and through a mobile device. Up until now one area in particular has lived in the past, that is until Carspring appeared, an exciting fresh new approach at disrupting the £45 billion used car market.

Carspring is a new online retailer which has launched in the UK and is set to transform the way people buy and sell used cars. The fresh start-up enables you to safely purchase an expert qualified used vehicle through your phone, tablet or laptop, within the comfort of your own home. The days of people trawling multiple car dealerships, or driving the length and breadth of the country to be disappointed are a thing of the past. What is even more exciting is Carspring will deliver a fully inspected car directly to your door within a week of purchasing and better still, buyers have a 14-day money back guarantee if they’re not fully satisfied.

Max Vollenbrioch, Carspring founder stated “Car dealerships are not only experiencing a move to complete digitisation, but are also being transformed into a one-stop shop whereby transparency and convenience are at the forefront of the second-hand car buying experience. Carspring wants to help people find a car that best suits their needs without burdening them with convoluting details – this part we take care of. What our customers will get in the end is a great car at a great price with no hassle at all, something that the new car market has taken advantage of for years.”  

To put it in perspective, 7.2 million used cars were sold in the UK last year,with 85 per cent of all car buyers still feeling the need to visit a car dealership in the final decision making stages. Max who previously worked at McKinsey & Co before found Carspring, lead one of the most detailed research reports into automotive retail.

The company says it wants people to think of it as their “car concierge” that can steer them through the plethora of models on offer, wade through the jargon and cut through the confusion and hidden costs of the used car market. Check out this exciting start-up and their full range at


Carspring Group