Selected: Pioneer Rayz Plus Earphones

Pioneer is a brand synonymous with high quality instruments of sound. From car stereos to speakers and headphones, they do it all. One of their latest products to hit the shelves is the Pioneer Rayz Plus noise cancelling earphones and this past week, I integrated them into my daily life and gym routine to see […]

Sharp Shirts From The Savile Row Company

To go along with the ever growing suit and tailoring collection in my wardrobe, I’am always on the look out for a classic, good fitting shirt. Where better then for finding something that ticks all these boxes than The Savile Row Company, a business which has been at the heart of British tailoring since 1938. They […]

Win The Ultimate Gin Lover Set by Men’s Society

The continuing growth of gin is just astronomical at present. New flavours and brands are popping up on an almost monthly basis making it easily one of the most consumed spirits at our local bars as well as in the home at this present time. I’am pretty certain in fact that many of The Gentleman […]

The Gentleman Select Bow Tie Tutorial

Following on from my recent post on preparation for the forth coming party season, it dawned on me there is a certain skill you really should learn in order to set yourself on level above your fellow party goers. I’am of course talking about channeling your inner Frank Sinatra and learning to tie a bow-tie. […]

It’s Party Season With Slaters Menswear

As many of you will know, I do have a particular weakness for tailoring so much so it is something which has featured many times on The Gentleman Select over the past few years and will likely continue to do so. With this in mind, you can imagine my delight then when the guys over […]

SCRUBD All-Natural Goodness

With the mens grooming market now a multi-billion pound industry, there is certainly no shortage of choice out there, what can be tricky however is finding one which has a primary focus on all-natural products and a passion for old artisanal methods resulting in the creation of the most delightfully fresh mens grooming products I […]

Choose Mens Make-Up UK This Winter

Wether you are prepping yourself for winter, or perhaps looking to get a head start on your christmas shopping, the online destination at the top of your list has to be Mens Make-Up UK. The grooming store has the widest range of mens products in the UK including a vast range of make up, from […]

Selected: The Personal Barber Grooming Kit

Keeping your body, as well as your grooming regime up to a high standard is a must for the man of today, that can however unfortunately mean a little bit of shopping around, picking up the odd razor, moisturiser and face wash as you go. What if you were so busy to shop around however, […]

I Try Out endoSPHÈRES Therapy

For me its always a pleasure taking a little trip down to London, a place packed full of style, exciting new developments and concepts. Whilst there I was lucky enough to experience one such concept that is growing rapidly in popularity throughout the big city and Europe, this is of course endoSPHÈRES therapy. At Nyumba, number […]

Autumn Style With Black & Lizars

It’s crazy to think we are in the month of September already and unfortunately, given most of us live here in the U.K, that means the end of the lovely hot weather and blissful sunshine. Now annoying as this may be, don’t consider packing away the sunglasses just yet as with the incoming crisp, Autumn […]